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2 : 1
  • Game Played on 23rd June, 2010
  • Kick Off at 18:06 (GMT)
  • Half Time finished with scoreline 0:0
  • Game ended after Full Time with scoreline 2:1
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  • Australia
  • Goals
  • Cahill (69')
  • Holman (73')
  • Cards
  • Beauchamp (49')
  • Wilkshire (50')
  • Emerton (67')
    • Serbia
    • Goals
    • Pantelic (84')
    • Cards
    • Lukovic (18')
    • Ninkovic (59')
    • Yellow card
    • Red card
    • Second yellow resulting in red
    • Goal
    • Goal from penalty
    • Missed penalty
    • Own goal
    • Assist
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      Australia vs Serbia
      Team Performance
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      [Aston Villa, Srbija]
      @ pinjon Albanian football??? what is that? is that what you place on bread for meal? lol
      • 0
      valmir where is the albanian footbal???
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      I always said Group D is a group of death. Everybody can defeat everyone. Serbia was #1 in their qualification group. Ghana made it to the round of 16 losing to Brazil in 2006. Australia also made it to the round of 16 when the referee gave the Italian diving queens this infamous penalty in the 95th minute. This time Australia got two red cards for no reason. Really bad luck for them but they never gave up. Imo they really would have deserved the next round.
      • 0
      Really wanted serbia to win but Spain will take it home or Portugal
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      [Inter Milan, France]
      utter dsgrace
      • 0
      [Aston Villa, Srbija]
      @volovo well said suck serbia`s @valmir we will go to hell, sadly for you, you are already there
      • 0
      [Manchester United]
      @ate, See HER lose? What are u Iranian? Its a team not a female human being dumb f*ck!
      • 0
      hahah jebam vam srpku mater idemo kuciiii majku vam jebem
      • 0
      go in hell serbia Thnx australia
      • 0
      suck serbia
      • 0
      123 viva asturalia bcoz it give ghana da chance 2 pick up viva arica
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      [Aston Villa, Srbija]
      We had good chances, but not good finish. AUS is good team too, and i think that game should end as tie. Shame that Ghana made trough couse they can`t score from game. It would be much better that AUS managed to reach second round.. or Serbia :)
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      [manchester city]
      serbia sucks i am happy to see her lose
      • 0
      If Cahill and Kewell got the chance to play together. it would have been a different thing
      • 0
      if they had cahil without the red card they wouldve progressed in my opinion
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      [Man Utd]
      What a match, it's real beaty of football
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      Samba your way
      The decisions for both Australia and Serbia and many other teams in the 2010WC have been controversial and harsh. Tough tackles go unpunished while soft ones get a yellow card. Red for the Cahill tackle? That was so weird. It's ruined the game but it's not easy for the referees as well because there are many players who are willing to dive and simulate just to get an opponent sent off. It's disgusting. Too many wrong decisions are ruining this tournament. Keita from Ivory Coast should be fined
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      [spain,new zealand]
      i hav to agree aus played well they drew with ghana with a man down and still made huge threats, australia may be nz arch rivals but that doesn't matter australia played better than england thats wat amtters right now
      • 0
      HEY HEY, MIkey T. you are definitely having a laugh aren't you?? England have been the most boring team in this world cup, and you have the cheek to say something like that. sounds like someone is jealous that a team of underdogs could leave this world cup with a magnificent performance and course an upset, and play awesome football unlike England who are total misfits
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      Can't help but say Aus were robbed of the next round by shite referees. I wanted them to lose in this WC as they tried to injure our players in a friendly but those red cards were really bad calls - there have been a lot in this WC
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