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Bayern Munich
5 : 1
Bayer Leverkusen
  • Game Played on 17th April, 2011
  • Kick Off at 14:04 (GMT)
  • Game ended with scoreline 5:1
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  • This was a match in
    Season 2010/2011
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  • Bayern Munich
    • Bayer Leverkusen
    • Yellow card
    • Red card
    • Second yellow resulting in red
    • Goal
    • Goal from penalty
    • Missed penalty
    • Own goal
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      Bayern Munich vs Bayer Leverkusen
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      • +17
      Seems like Man U also felt asleep when loosing vs. Man City yesterday...!?! Muhahahaha.... How boaring....
      • +14
      That was unexpected!
      • +14
      Where's the last goal?
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      • +1
      [Tottenham Hotspur , England ]
      Posts: 0 | Comments: 4
      Bayern back to there old ways
      • -1
      [Real Madrid, Portugal]
      Posts: 0 | Comments: 0
      Bayern munchen played very very well i hope they will come second congrulations to bayern
      • -3
      i love realmadrid hola madrid they are going to win the champions league
      • 0
      No, its gonna be barca or m utd
      • -1
      [Manchester United, Serbia]
      Posts: 0 | Comments: 18
      ich hasse bayern aber in diesem spiel haben sie leverkusen gezeigt wie man fußball spielt
      • 0
      yeaaah maan
      • +14
      Where's the last goal?
      • -2
      [Arsenal, Netherlands]
      Posts: 0 | Comments: 0
      Bayern played good football,but to bad they cant win the title
      • +3
      [Barcelona, Argentina]
      Posts: 0 | Comments: 0
      Gomez is a Beast! ;)
      • +5
      yeah he hits the goal from 5 meters!! he is so strong^^
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      • -21
      Sir Giggsy
      I just don't understand, 2nd and 3rd team playing in the league, the score is 5-1, but still, i'm realy sorry, but it's sooooo boooring to watch this game. I don't understand. No offense to all Bundesliga fans. It's like Italian and French league. It makes you fall asleep after 15 min. Why is that??? Can anybody explain please.
      • +17
      Seems like Man U also felt asleep when loosing vs. Man City yesterday...!?! Muhahahaha.... How boaring....
      • -2
      Raj Kumar
      There is some truth in your comment. Premiership is more competitive, and the matches are more exciting. I cannot judge the other leageus because I dont watch them. But the reason why this match ends 5-1 for Bayern is because actually Bayern is no.1 in Germany - although Dortmund & Leverkusen are top of the table. If Bayern would play serious and to the utmost, they would win every season.
      • +7
      [Hertha Berlin, Germany]
      Posts: 0 | Comments: 49
      Ok... This match was boring to you? It ended 5:1... So how many goals must there be to please you? And in the Serie A or the Ligue 1 there are some exciting games every weekend, too!
      • 0
      [Bayern Munich, Egypt]
      Posts: 0 | Comments: 47
      bayern return >>>deutscher meister
      • +5
      [Bayern Munich, Egypt]
      Posts: 9 | Comments: 76
      Love youuu municcch , todays match was least possetion for munich in this leauge by 41 % munich 59% leverkusen , so i think after this match munich explained that possetion is nothing as van gaal was concerned to control the centre of the game by playing 4-5-1 , they proved using the chance does the score and the good game :) . go munich
      • +2
      [Liverpool, Ukraine]
      Posts: 0 | Comments: 0
      Munich kicked Leverkusen, but they was so terrible in 1/8 of champ.league with Inter. 23rd number of Bayer is great:-)
      • -1
      Gomez should have scored those. He's an overachiever.
      • 0
      Juventus turin,Manchester United,Hertha Bsc,
      • +14
      [Manchester United, Greece]
      Posts: 3 | Comments: 19
      That was unexpected!
      • +10
      [Manchester United, Yugoslavia]
      Posts: 249 | Comments: 2232
      gomez is killer..
      • +6
      [Barcelona, Netherlands]
      Posts: 45 | Comments: 223
      if it was possible, i would vote bayern for champion!
      • +9
      and I would vote them as the kings of inconsistency. Actually, Arsenal beat them to it
      • +4
      [Liverpool, Spain]
      Posts: 0 | Comments: 1
      nice performance and great goals
      • +11
      action jackson
      ribery's goal is missing in this vid
      • 0
      Sami Hyypiä should play....
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