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2 : 3
Manchester City
  • Game Played on 3rd May, 2014
  • Kick Off at 16:05 (GMT)
  • Half Time finished with scoreline 1:2
  • Game ended after Full Time with scoreline 2:3
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  • Everton
  • Goals
  • Barkley (11')
  • Lukaku (65')
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  • Manchester City
  • Goals
  • Aguero (22')
  • Dzeko (43')
  • Dzeko (48')
  • Cards
  • Garcia (39')
  • Demichelis (67')
  • Dzeko (83')
  • Yellow card
  • Red card
  • Second yellow resulting in red
  • Goal
  • Goal from penalty
  • Missed penalty
  • Own goal
  • Assist
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Everton vs Manchester City
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Top Comments
  • +39
Congrats to City in advanced on winning the EPL! Whether City wins it or Liverpool wins it, they both deserve to win the league this season. Both teams had a great run, and we as football fans must acknowledge their great season.
  • +22
How big mistake can be one little slip...
  • +7
Come on Crystal palace
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Mourihno is talking man
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[Borussia Dortmund, Germany]
Posts: 5 | Comments: 78
City was lucky ! If that penalty was awarded things would have been different .
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Liverpool will win tittle "D
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  • +1
[Everton, Belgium]
Posts: 1 | Comments: 276
F u c k Woolwich Wanderers!
  • +1
worst Chelsea supporter ever, I apologize on behalf of all the Chelsea FC Fans. Love your club though, wouldn't mind seeing Lukaku in an Everton shirt next season
  • 0
Very good game! Awesome goals by Everton. Superb play by City.
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chelsea is still in the title race or not? hahahahahahaha
  • -1
Woolwich Wanderers
where are the butt-hurt iverfool fans? Lol shame on u bas**tards for supporting Everton in this match..i didn't know u could be so shallow!! shame on u liverfools!!!
  • 0
chelsea is still in the title race or not? hahahahahahaha
  • 0
If we do not win the title, I would want City to win it!
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Fuck you Footyroom !
  • -5
Chelshit fans again.... I believe that there is more chelshit fans on any other game then their own on this website. Could it be that you are that embarrassed of your own club, Russian bitches? And yeah, football just lost a battle to money. Again. This year had shown us that only ligue 1 is a bigger money bitch league then us. So sad. Bye, bye football, see you on history channel.
  • -4
We are sad to announce that football had lost a battle to the cancer called money.
  • +2
Woolwich Wanderers
Shhhhhh. Hamid. Go watch cricket. You Asian plastic. Of course ArseNIL are a pauper club . They don't buy. Giroud, Poodleski, Alex Oxlaine Chamberlaine, Ramsey, Flamini, Sagna, Mertasackher, Koscienly, Arteta, Walcoth, Ozil are all from your academy . HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • 0
@Woolwich Wanderers If Arsenal actually spent more money and had lesser Injuries they could be challenging for more Trophies, besides aren't you sad Chelsea's Football Academy hasn't produced much talent in the last few years besides Terry and McEachran?? and money isn't everything, Liverpool spent lesser in the Transfer Market this season and are ahead of Chelsea AND Arsenal....
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  • -2
  • -1
At least not scousers!
  • -4
I support Everton last night because my vagina is itchy... and I can't take it anymore...
  • +1
Hey! Manchester City fans. How is Negredo performing? He hasnt been playing for a while, right? Is anything wrong with him? Congratulations! Hope you win the league this season!
  • -1
Posts: 0 | Comments: 162
someone please put this idiot WOOLWICH WANDERERS back into the mental hospital
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[Chelsea, Belgium]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 160
  • -4
Woolwich Wanderers
shame on the liverfool fans who were supporting Everton yesterday.. such shameless scums!!! u deserve to lose the league!!!
  • +1
[Arsenal, Spain]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 19
2012, deja vu
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