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Sweden vs Portugal
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JKlopp 4 years ago
Borussia Dortmund, Germany 0 35
Gennady 4 years ago
Manchester United, Russia 249 2977
Give Ballon d\'Or to Ronaldo he really deserves it
WhyAlwaysMee 4 years ago
Manchester City, England 0 53
why always Ronaldo>>Cos he is the best player in the world
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toutou 1 year ago
Barcelona, Argentina 0 249
The first time ever we gave a guy ballon d'or because he did a good game !
even he got 0 trophies !
At that time CR7 fans saying trophies aren't important, the individual performance is the Key !
this year they are saying he is the best because he got trophies !!!
DarioUtd 2 years ago
Manchester United 26 474
Ronaldo pretty much won that game on his own!!
Ibra 4 years ago
ok everybody Ibramovic was clapping for his fans and supporters not for Ronaldo to bad he wont be at the world cup imagen the goals and excitement he would have brought
ske3 4 years ago
ronaldo is so fast until his teammate need time to reach him after he celebrated his goal
Kirkos 4 years ago
Arsenal, Argentina 10 235
Ronaldo 7 needs the ballon dor !!! :D
Nass 4 years ago
Messi is the best player in the world, 'cause Ronaldo is from another planet ;)
arsenal fan 4 years ago
football fans are like worse then whores messi has a good year (2010 2011 2012) he is the best for you ronaldo has a good year (2008 2009 2013) he is the best for you
MrFooty 4 years ago
Well one thing is clear. The debate will finally come to end if either Ronaldo or Messi manage to win the World Cup. For me not even 4 ballon d'or are = to one World Cup. Until a player has finally reached the pinnacle as did Maradona and Pele then he can earn the immortal status. Both Messi and Ronaldo are on a collision course for that honour. One of them will prevail and the other will quietly return with tail between the legs. I just hope neither one of them gets injured along the way so that we can see a fair contest
LampardEatsFabregas 4 years ago
Like my Comment if you think Ronaldo is clearly better than Zlatan + Messi.
MrFooty 4 years ago
I had this saved before the game and wanted to share it.....Hamren said he had a "good feeling" as soon as his side were drawn to play Portugal. "It was strange. They were the highest-ranked and probably the toughest team to meet, but I had a good feeling when I saw Portugal-Sweden. I hope it was the right feeling. We'll see."Hmmm...a strange feeling indeed lol
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MadridPunisher 4 years ago
What's up with all these teenage girls screaming for Penaldo Penaldo BalonDoro???Only men like Messi can win that award, not selfish fags....
alex 4 years ago
ronaldo is a very good player with good run, shots, and dribbling, but Messi is superior in too many aspects - barca has been able to win so much because it had a great system of play built around Messi. if xavi and iniesta had played with ronaldo it wouldnt have been the same. moreover, if ronaldo were less selfish in the field his teams would have won some ther words, ronald is a single runner, while Messi is a real soccer player.
Alex 4 years ago
and your are gay.
truth 4 years ago
RONALDO and messi are the DEFINITION of "real soccer players", everyone else.... take notes!
Jose 4 years ago
The only reason messi won ballon d or over previous yrs was because barca won cups. What a fake balon d or winner. Now they will see it person vs person since barca no trophy except la liga. Ronaldo will win obviously.
DardoJS89 4 years ago
Barcelona, Argentina 0 37
You sir, are not just a d**k rider , but clearly a brainless groupie. You haven't a bloody clue what this sport is about, so do the rest of us (as well as yourself) a favor & just delete your account. That way you can keep your visits to this site comment-lessRonaldo will the Ballon this year because he outperformed the 4-time winner who's been injured by the exhaustion required to win so many damn awards. Ronaldo will get this year, but the moment Messi heals up - Ronaldo will return to his 2nd place in the world (where the pompous diva belongs)
MrFooty 4 years ago
This reminded me of a heavyweight UFC fight. Ronaldo lands a sucker punch and floors Ibra. Ibra comes back with a hook and submission. Ronaldo manages to escape battered and bruised. He looks dazed and in danger of losing his belt. Then he unleashes a quick 1-2 and Ibra is out for the count. What a fight. What a game ;-)
coco 4 years ago
am i allowed to comment now.
coco 4 years ago
obviously yes :D
MrFooty 4 years ago
Wait I'm not finished yet lol
Man 4 years ago
sweden 2-1 portugal and ronaldo fastens his laces 3:13 he is like: this zlatan guy thinks he is better than me? I will show him now
Like a+man 4 years ago
WTH with you guys...Ribery is the the one who deserves it more than anyone.
truth 4 years ago
B. Munich deserve it not ribery....
kill bill 4 years ago
ronaldo in PES = ronaldo in real world
Xpose2cold 4 years ago
Chelsea, England & Nigeria 0 729
Ronaldo deserves the ballon dor this year. Recently he has had more success than Messi and not only that. He had his own downs in the past, he played for 3 different clubs and Ronaldo is more useful to his country Portugal more than Messi of Argentina.
Lio10Messi 4 years ago
Barcelona, Morocco 0 79
Ibrahimivic should win the ballond\'or Portugal has way better players than Sweden and you cant judge it over a game between these 2 teams

look how ibrahimovic carrys Sweden and makes it portugal difficult while ronaldo has teammates that can serve him and portugal overal way better than Sweden, so for me Ibrahimovic should defenitaly win the Ballond\'or

Also leading in Ligue 1 and still in the race for the champions leagueDont get me wrong ronaldo scoring alot and is on fire, but again real madrid wont win the laliga barca will win it again and he should just hope on a good champions league run with realmadrid which is easy with such a top team compared to ibra and his teammates he should defenitely win it for me.Adios amigos
Santrix 4 years ago
Just like messi who play for barcelona and have tons of player who can support him. Just admit it. Ronaldo deserves it more than messi and ibramovic.
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