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Manchester United vs Manchester City
Team Performance
Michael_Jordan 5 months ago
FC Zurich 0 272
Glory glory „whole“ ManShitty
SuperMilan 3 years ago
AC Milan, Albania 0 597
Ferdinand loves to fck up in situations like these. Nevertheless great game, The Devils stood strong until the end. And what a way to finish, with a legend scoring on injury time.
CroatiaFan123 3 years ago
Arsenal, Croatia 66 2775
Owen great :D
Divya 6 years ago
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MU 6 years ago
the game of the century
o0mahir0o 8 years ago
Manchester United, England U19 0 96
this is my most favourita match from epl last season
drogba 8 years ago
city win my bolock
grvff 8 years ago
cheaters never win, look who won the premier league now.....CHELSEA! it was supposed to be added time 4 minutes but it ended up 6 minutes! poor Mark Hughes, must be really hurt from the cheated minute winner
ZKiller 8 years ago
ro 8 years ago
fareed 8 years ago
mark 8 years ago
lets get things strait u bunch of @*#$? united hold more than 50,000 season ticket holders and chelsea have 40,000 fans thats more season ticket holders than chelsea fans thats shite... so people who are chelsea suppoters and calls us glory hunters think again. we support our team and thats that you support your crappy team and we will support ours! GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED...
salem 8 years ago
no man u no football
matt 8 years ago
Bellamy played the game of his life
@stamford 8 years ago
chelsea all the fucken way
merremanutd 8 years ago
man utd was better than man shity and their goals were lucky
yoitsme 9 years ago
this seaon belongs to city but none of you have hopes of winning the champions league below or above me, viva barca! BARCA
CLav 9 years ago
Dan, you dumb cunt, how is Old Trafford in the middle of an industrial estate? Fuckin stupid geordie! City were lucky on the day, to get the 3 goals, we were defending like shite!
Dan 9 years ago
manchester is a crappy town anyway.... its a dump.. sunderland not better like but when i go to old trafford its in the middle of an idustrial place and the town cetre a dump. Man utd are good but they too cocky and they not as good as they think. Now ronaldo has gone they not gonna have the same edge as they did the seasons before. Man city spend shit loads of money as because they do they reckon they finish in the top 4... BULL... thats me done and id be happy with a draw at old trafford today because i know we normlly get owned there. FUCKING BASTARD SUCK ME COCK AND REMEMBER.... DONT NEGLECT THE BALLS!!!!
Gerrard Bellamy 9 years ago
C. Ronaldo is gone, u start to loose manchester... :)
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