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France vs Albania
Team Performance
Top Comments
  • +97
[Manchester United, Netherlands]
Posts: 38 | Comments: 783
Forget the scoreline. Albania, you were amazing!
  • +42
Depay in the Sky
How can you vote that Top Class for France's performance? It's almost as if people just looked at the scoreline and assumed France was the better team throughout the match.
  • +31
[Barcelona, Netherlands]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 343
Giroud: Starting Eleven. 1.92 m. Three headers off target. Griezmann: Sub. 1.75 m. One header one goal. Seriously, Deschamps, seriously?
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  • 0
[Liverpool, United States]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 721
Im glad for King Louis the XIV. He was the state!!!!
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Im glad for King Louis the IX. He was the state!!!!
  • 0
Where's Ronaldo saying that they celebrated like they just won the Cup? Embarassing France so happy about such a lucky win over Albania..
  • 0
[Real Madrid, France]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 300
Funny fact : Giniac slipt = Assist XD
  • 0
gignac assist to payet is on par with higuain assist to messi vs panama xd
  • -5
when you realize that Deschamps chose Gignac and Giroud over Benzema and Lacazette
  • +1
Posts: 0 | Comments: 70
lacazette has been poor this season in a poor league no justification while giroud has scored 24 goals last season to be fair in a harder league
  • 0
Juve*** already made 3 million predicting correctly
  • 0
£3m is a lot but Petr Cech to Liverpool for £10m or €30m yes deal?
  • +1
Some people here are just full of Criticisms. Giroud is on his own and all of you know that. If he was from barca, I'm sure the story won't look like this in your comments. If you are better than him, you won't be in corner shout goaaaaal! When he scores. Accept fact! He's not the best but he's trying.
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  • -15
Charles Raines
This is what you get for dropping Benzema.
Deschamps is a prick for bowing down to racist pressure and drop Benzema.

Giroud is an absolute flop, even Emile Hekey plays better than him.
  • +5
just stop please

like 90% of the team is black so I don't think racism is much a factor in benzema's abscence
  • +8
Beyond all stupid comments, I just wanted to say bravo to both team.
Albania for that big game offered, big heart play.
And also for France who did not give up even with varying levels of success. Low rate of statistics like "SHOT ON TARGET" only 2 (included the 2 goals), with finally reaching the victory in the last minutes. Voila.
  • 0
Bien dit !!!
  • -5
[Barcelona, Morocco]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 21
Giroud look like a joke comparing to Benzema , not even close hahahaha
  • -4
albanians are bigots who don't have respect for other countries
  • +3
Even Albanians have respect for other People and Countries, and this i´v seen in this EURO ! They have amazing fans and they have incredible Respekt for the other fans !
  • +3
[Juventus, Canada]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 478
Thank you for 30 pts, M. Payet.
  • -3
Shut up!
  • -2
Posts: 1 | Comments: 372
Stupid Juve fan again with stupid comments. hahahha.
  • +1
[Arsenal, Greece]
Posts: 8 | Comments: 155
I got 30 pts aswell lol
  • +2
[Juventus, Canada]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 478
@ SANOZ & Roni77 : thank you for your pearls of wisdom.
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@ SANOZ & Roni77 : thank you for your wisdom.
  • 0
Posts: 1 | Comments: 372
Giroud is a top striker !!! Keep trusting Wenger yo Arsenal fans. hahahahah
  • +9
Posts: 0 | Comments: 18
I can understand some comments here about France capacity against big opponents ...
but so far even the big opponents are just "ok" ... even against "small" teams ...
As french , i am not surprised about what happened with France. They are notorious to be often bad against small teams and it's still a mystery but against big ones, it's another story .. they can win against whoever ... That's said... I am really worried tho lol
  • 0
  • 0
just make money with your prediction, play online betting
  • +14
[Barcelona, United States]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 3
What a tough situation with Giroud. He creates so many chances and he's so active in attack, but he sure misses so many of them! Either way, we're too hard on him, if the ball hits the post you can't blame Giroud, his game today could have easily been a hat trick, ended up being nothing and that's why everyone picks on him. He's clearly not the best striker but today he was just unlucky.
  • +1
Gamiero is in the team??? He's not on the list of subs... He's a great player. Giroud is also not bad.. You all are acting as if every team has Suarez and only France have an incompotent striker. Bullshit.. Stop measuring players individually, the team won, Giroud won, hit the post and go out or hit the post and go in, who cares.
  • -2
[Barcelona, France]
Posts: 325 | Comments: 8313
I don't think it's deserved, the worst first half of the tournment was awful to watch, Giroud can't run, can't control, can't stay on his feet but to miss headers ? Supported to be his main strength. While France has Ben Arfa Benzema and Gameiro, well the pitch grass was awful. The only positive is the scoreline and the goals at injury Payet time, 3 last games 3 goals at 90th. Hard luck Albania, and well let's hope Payet/Kante keep carrying the team.
  • +3
no tiki_taka you're wrong it was deserved .. are you saying that if a team misses its earlier opportunities and scores later then they don't deserve to win, man that makes no sense...france clearly had more opportunities but didn't utilize them... albania was resilient or should i even say lucky because they should have conceded more goals
  • -3
Tell that to your African teammates.
  • 0
[Barcelona, France]
Posts: 325 | Comments: 8313
Albania aside, when i say it's not deserved I'm not saying Albania were better, both were poor. France won't win the Euro with Giroud as simple as this...
  • +5
[Barcelona, Japan]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 70
Albanians' performance was so impressive. If they belong to Asia, they could qualify for the WC so easily.
  • 0
Hey 6ooky whats up?!
  • +3
Payet is so fucking amazing!
  • +3
[Kashima Antlers, Japan]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 32
Oh fuck off!
  • +2
who cares if you predicted this game right. go get yer points and the rewards then come here and moan about your knowledge.
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