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Czech Republic
  • Game Played on 13th June, 2016
  • Kick Off at 13:06 (GMT)
  • Half Time finished with scoreline 0:0
  • Game ended after Full Time with scoreline 1:0
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  • Spain
  • Goals
  • Pique (87')
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  • Czech Republic
  • Cards
  • Limbersky (61')
  • Yellow card
  • Red card
  • Second yellow resulting in red
  • Goal
  • Goal from penalty
  • Missed penalty
  • Own goal
  • Assist
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Spain vs Czech Republic
Team Performance
Top Comments
  • +42
i felt it's spain vs cech and he failed only once what a legend
  • +31
Iniesta should not be allowed. He's a cheat code!
  • +15
Spain has never won on June 13th they said. La Roja is back!!!
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  • +1
[Liverpool, United States]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 600
Spain does not have the quality needed to win this tournament
  • 0
spain vs cech republic
  • 0
Why always same old fasion tactics for Spain with so many talented players why it takes too long to score?
  • 0
[Juventus, Italy]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 29
I think Bellerin's playing style will give more influence, considering the playing style of Spain. Juanfran played well, but Bellerin is better for Spain.
  • 0
seeing how magical iniesta is makes me cry a little bit, reminds me how unstoppable spain were 8 years ago with the man who could level iniesta in terms of ability, xavi.
  • -3
Spain really does suck! Team consists some if not most of the best players in Europe and they still only manage to make 1 goal. smh lmfao
  • +3
To be fair, they fought againts Cech. De Gea and Cech are both one of the top keeper in EPL. And Czech isn't that bad either.
  • +1
[Malaga, Spain U23]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 35
haha its obvious how many of you just hate Spains team. Maybe they dont have the flair of the Euro2008 anymore... but back then the opposite teams didnt put 10 man in the box during the whole game. Man, this team is legendary, 6 consecutive clean sheets in Euro, they havent lost a game in the Euros since 2004,record wise i could go on and on. Okay, maybe you dont like the style of play, but be objective, saying they suck is going full retard
  • 0
Czech only 2 shots for de gea to u talking about? de gea is a shiit goalkeeper
  • 0
[Real Madrid, Indonesia]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 2
Nice game from both goalkeepers
  • +1
how to play football like iniesta, he is flawless
  • 0
[Bayern Munich, Hong Kong]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 504
Only Thiago playing why no Javi Martinez, Xabi Alonso & Juan Bernat???? Im here to see these players playing there is only Thiago playing for Spain anyway good luck Thiago:)
  • 0
[Real Sociedad, Mexico]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 12
with such a wide array of great players you cant just expect to see those you've mentioned ahaha :)
  • +3
where is isco? you cant expect iniesta to save your team's ass all the time
  • 0
Nenek FC
not in euro list
  • -2
  • -1
[Real Sociedad, Mexico]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 12
ahaaha argentina is a great team but they always choke, dont believe me? look at the past 20 years what trophies have they won?
  • -1
what trophies has Mexico won? and real trophies not the golden cup lmao
  • +1
that goalie is the mom
  • 0
When watching this I instantly thought Athletico Madrid vs Real Madrid
  • -1
So sad when the keepers is not casillas :(
  • +4
oh come on. casillas is so obsolete
  • +2
Almost all the teams that play against Spain put the bus. It´s normal that there aren´t many goals..
  • 0
Spain Won.Sorry haters!
  • +7
Posts: 0 | Comments: 498
These commentators SUCK!!
  • +11
[Inter, Moldova]
Posts: 1 | Comments: 1644
of course they suck it's USA commentators
  • 0
[Barcelona, United States]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 78
your full of ****
  • 0
Posts: 0 | Comments: 498
  • 0
Just like Arsenal.
  • 0
Posts: 0 | Comments: 498
@busyourass, i see your stalking me lol. Did I somehow hurt your feelings on another account? It's kinda sad how you'd go through the trouble of making a new account to troll on...
  • -1
arsenal is just like shit b*tch.
  • +11
[Real Madrid, Palestine]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 19
Why is Morata serious and mad like that ??
He should have apologized to referee least he could smile when referee helped him ..
This is the problem of young players who think they get legends
  • +2
[Barcelona, Spain]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 6
  • -2
[Barcelona, Indonesia]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 231
Why "EXACTLY!!!" above me got a minus 1? These admin become so douche these day
  • 0
how exactly referee did help Morata? by falling on him?
  • -2
[Barcelona, Indonesia]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 231
Moth3rfuck3r.. Now comment above me got plus 1 and me myself got minus 3..
  • +3
[Atletico Madrid, Spain]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 109
it´s incredible the number of trolls and haters there are here
  • +5
Looks like Shakira be happy tonight!
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