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Tottenham Hotspur
0 : 3
  • Game Played on 31st August, 2014
  • Kick Off at 12:08 (GMT)
  • Half Time finished with scoreline 0:1
  • Game ended after Full Time with scoreline 0:3
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  • Tottenham Hotspur
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  • Liverpool
  • Goals
  • Sterling (8')
  • Gerrard (49')
  • Moreno (60')
  • Cards
  • Allen (27')
  • Manquillo (37')
  • Sterling (74')
  • Moreno (90')
  • Yellow card
  • Red card
  • Second yellow resulting in red
  • Goal
  • Goal from penalty
  • Missed penalty
  • Own goal
  • Assist
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Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool
Team Performance
Top Comments
  • +82
Last 3 games between these two teams: 5-0, 4-0, 3-0. We're making progress, fellow Spurs fans.
  • +41
a couple of things. sterling is an absolute BEAST. lovren is an absolute BEAST. allen went down too easily should not have been a penalty + lost a little respect for him as well. the balotelli-sturridge partnership looks promising. markovic looks like a real talent. when johnson comes back from injury, he is never playing again, our defense is so much better without him. and was glad to see moreno bag a goal, he looks promising as well!
  • +12
thats a super fast girl
All comments
  • -2
fuck you liverpool.all bitches and retards
  • +1
  • 0
  • 0
Allen will never be as good as Ashley Young at diving, even in his wildest dreams....
  • +1
[Arsenal, Germany]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 788
dayummm liverpool do have some serious pace!
  • +2
YNWA <3 Markovic & Moreno is our new talents!
  • 0
why did we let sturridge go????
  • 0
No idea, 1 idiot in charge the team at that time.
  • 0
why did we let sturridge go ??
  • +1
[Liverpool, Malaysia U18]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 38
liverpool the best!! YNWA...moreno is our asset..
  • +1
125,000 views because of Balotelli!!!!
  • 0
[Liverpool, Malaysia U18]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 38
i know...
  • +1
[Arsenal, Croatia]
Posts: 66 | Comments: 2775
  • +4
BAD Boys at the forward. Balotelli & Daniel!Raheem is the best youngstar in Europe!
  • 0
Sterling runs like a Girl ! Good finishing though !
  • +12
thats a super fast girl
  • +3
[Tottenham Hotspur, England]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 51
Get a grip referee's, you all make me sick
  • +2
The Mighty Rush
  • 0
where is flanagan ?
  • +2
Dusty Crophopper
Absolute beast! this absolutely will be a fantastic season, so competitive!
  • -1
King Pele
It's about time tougher punishment comes in for diving. The FA need to start looking at games and deducting points to teams who's players are obviously caught diving and cheating. This nonsense is ruining games and scorelines.
  • +9
[Liverpool, Singapore]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 5
Even though Allen did go down very easily, being pulled back in the box is a technical foul and deserves a penalty. Phild Dowd got that decision spot on.
  • -5
King Pele
If he grabbed him hard and stopped his run then yes a penalty. But common sense should tell the ref that he went diving down for hardly anything. After all, this supposed to be a MANS game, and you have to expect a bit of push and shove. It's getting to the point of absurd, there's obviously cheating going on.
  • +3
that coming from a brazil fan who has fred and neymar in their team? why were they playing for the "MANS" team then? what a fu*knut
  • +1
Ok so we'll have to deduct a lot of point for MU (Hello Ashley Young !!!)
  • +3
[Liverpool FC, Germany]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 153
That Moreno goal, DAMN!
  • -1
joe allen is a cheating queer. if you were walking down the street and somebody slightly pulled your shirt would you go falling down on the floor? noooo.
  • +7
still better diver than Ashley Young. ;)
  • +6
Where are Man Utd fans?
  • +1
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