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Barcelona vs Bayern Munich
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mladen 3 years ago
Manchester United, Yugoslavia 252 2308
Ronaldo should be proud to be even compared with Messi. The truth is NO PLAYER can be compared with Messi.
FesTus 3 years ago
Real Madrid, Ghana 0 384
First 70 mins - Neuer ........last 20 mins - Messi
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NeymarJR_11 3 years ago Edited
Barcelona, Indonesia 0 349
wrong pic
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Michael Jordan 3 years ago
Robben the Bayern Messi is injured. So sad!!!
MadMax 3 years ago
Messi and Neymar must have felt they had a little bit of redemption from what happened at the world cup. boateng and Neuer got owned!!
barca fan's 3 years ago
barca is the best,i hope barca will win UEFA this year
MadridKilla 3 years ago
Barcelona 0 1021
The game ain't over yet and Bayern will regain strength despite not having Roben/Ribery.They still got Super Mario, Mueller, Lewandowski and a solid midfield.
Alex 3 years ago
I've seen a lot of humiliated defenders for the last 36 years but the "Boateng collapses suddenly during a football game" moment is hard to top! Instant urban legend. perhaps he should think about retiring. Just like Bodo Ilgner did after that interstellar torpedo he got in his net from Stoychkov in the summer of '94. Always a pleasure to see germans out!
greenpeace 3 years ago
As a big fan of Real Madrid and Ronaldo, I have to admit Messi is a class higher than Ronaldo in terms of dribbling, speed, shot accuracy and even technical ability, Ronaldo definitely is good at few things like, balls in the air and shot strength compared go Messi. Not mention good and down to earth personality of Messi compared to Ronaldo's childish behavior. Messi is a brilliant playmaker and goalscorer at the same time. And, the main thing GREAT TEAM PLayer.
Huzail_Andre 3 years ago
Johor Darul Ta'zim III, Belgium 0 280
Zak 3 years ago
Pep was very naive to play like barca with high defense and pressing, the thing is it really showed who's better. If he'd just play counter attack bayern would stand a chance, it's very dangerous and tiring, so it made sense how they didn't focus last 15 minutes of the game. My guess if bayern play the same attacking football again at munich, there'll be no chance they'd win.
Barcaaa 3 years ago
Yup, but the problem for Bayern is that they cannot afford to play defense in Munich and wait for counter-attacks as they have to chase the score. I believe the end result might be similar to what we saw 2 years ago when Bayern crushed Barca.
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MyPrecious 3 years ago
still a midget compared to my beloved Ronaldo. Ronaldo makes him look like an amateur. I love my pretty Ronaldo, best saves ever. I will worship him til' the end of time, forever and ever, not this 2 foot cocksucker
GARETH_BALE 3 years ago
Tottenham Hotspur, Ireland 2 815
"2 foot socksucker" i actually loled hahaha
bluedick 3 years ago
yes go suck your boy gaynaldos dick
allBarca 3 years ago Edited
Barcelona 0 17
...and NEY-MESI-S caught up to Bayern
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...and today NEY-MESI-S caught up to Bayern
abcABCbarca 3 years ago Edited
Barcelona, Armenia 0 203
Messi-"Good bye Boateng, Good bye Bayern!!!"
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Messi-"Good bye Boateng!!!"
_Pelle_ 3 years ago
Paris Saint Germain 32 3701
soley22 3 years ago
what a great chip from messi. go messi :)
NathanLitchfield1 3 years ago
Brentford, San Marino 0 2
Brentford vs Middlesborough tonight, this game means more to me than anything else in my life, if the mighty Brentford were to lose I would simply change my team and support Middlesborough as I am a true die hard Brentford fan and have supported them even since they were in the conference division 19 years ago even tho I am 17. I have been to 1 Brentford game so I am classed as a true fan. If I had the chance to exchange Messi for Andre Gray I would definitely say no because andre gray is an absolute monster and has scored 1 goal this season!! #1morechampionshipgoalthanMessi #Brentford #gonnalose #toMiddlesborough #i'mAFaggot
greenpeace 3 years ago
You are crazy man, ...loved your sense of humor
sasha 3 years ago
why there is no behind the goal camera replay? was neymar goal between neuer legs?
a 3 years ago
come for CL Final: REAL MADRID vs BARCELONA!! oh what? where is Madrid? oh..
Barcaaa 3 years ago
Don't be so happy, my friend. Juve stands no chance at Bernabeu. We will win CL anyway :)
halal 3 years ago
I seriously felt sorry for Boateng
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