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Denmark vs France
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Top Comments
josh881 23 days ago
Real Madrid, Portugal 0 57
worst fucking game of the tournament i regret watching this shit absolute disgrace
Codrut 23 days ago
Dinamo Bucuresti, Romania 0 9
Such a disgrace from both teams
binjai 23 days ago
0 438
Lemar and Dembele are useless
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Iker89 21 days ago
0 431
If the Lord didnt get injured Denmark would dominate this World Cup
jeff300 22 days ago
Manchester United, Canada 0 2
Eden17Hazard17 23 days ago
Chelsea FC 149 3923
It really looked like France weren't interested in scoring and were happy to lose and be placed in the weaker side of the bracket for the knockout stages.
Harlem 23 days ago
Arsenal, France 0 389
Butthurt haters hahahaha. We started our reserve squad and played in 5th gear to reserve energy for when we smoke argentina
the_bald_genius 23 days ago
5 785
Argentina vs france battle of flipflop
malofion 23 days ago
Etoile Frejus Saint-Raphael, France U16 0 28
France is stronger than ... valium
stepho94 23 days ago
0 23
I am disappointed Thauvin didn't get a chance to play.
expertfootball11 23 days ago
Real Madrid, France 61 2547
Pretty bad.... We wont do well if we keep failing in attacks so miserably.
Morrizen 23 days ago
Chelsea, Mexico 4 694
ghenji 23 days ago
Borussia Dortmund 0 929
PogbaTekkerz 23 days ago
Manchester United, England 3 88
France deserve a better manager
With those players anything is possible
AnacondaRifle 23 days ago
Chelsea, England 0 40
What's the big deal. They both played it safe since they both qualified. No need to play high octane football and risk an injury
EdgarEAM 23 days ago
0 53
The other Round of 16: France vs (Argentina or Senegal)

I trust in Argentina team. France vs Argentina, amazing match. 💥💥💥
But France go to Quarter Finals.
EdgarEAM 23 days ago
0 53
Round of 16: Denmark vs Croatia

Interesting, but in few hours. Will Croatia win to Iceland?
If the draw or loose, I believe that they win to Denmark
If they win, I believe that they loose against Denmark.

Some stats behind that ⚽⚽🧐🧐🧐
Lambo91 23 days ago
Juventus, Italy 0 2223
Denmark gave France a fight. France is a big example of great players do not make a great team. All French players that played are top class talents but they can't do shit as a team, it's called chemistry. They don't have it.
Louis15 23 days ago
Paris Saint-Germain, France 0 35
Can't do shit as a Team? First in our group and rested players for last game + finalist at euro 2016 + first in our group of WC qualifier...
Is it attractive football? No, not always. I rather we have a coach that would play less on the defence but it is what it is.
Denmark didn't really gave France a fight, they played for 2nd place (for some reason)... I mean 1 shot on target...
Taipan 23 days ago
Paris Saint-Germain, France 0 79
@Lambo91 : you say Danemark gave a fight ???
They refuse to play during the whole game !!!!! Plus they knew Peru was wining against Australia, so they had nothing to loose and have absolutely NO EXCUSE for this disgrace !

Pepole paid money to go to Moscow, to enter in the stadium... No respect for the fans at all.

And France, they could have tried harder too, this was the worst game of the competition so far !!!
HaXXspetten 23 days ago
Sweden 0 154
well that was easily the worst game of the tournament
Louis15 23 days ago
Paris Saint-Germain, France 0 35
Australia, Peru, and now Denmark. All teams waiting at the back. Horrible football to watch... But first place so whatever!
A draw was all we needed to stay first of the group, Denmark was the team that had to pressure a bit more to try and get a result but did nothing... Boring, boring, boring. Also Mbappe and Fekir should always be in the starting 11

Anyways, on to the round of sixteen
Deniss 23 days ago
Real Madrid, Denmark 0 5
A draw was all Denmark needed to advance, they weren't pressured to score, they just needed to keep France from scoring. Both teams were content with a draw that's why it was such a boring match.

If anything you can blame your precious French team for not making it harder on the Danish defense. France hasn't had a convincing win yet, self-reflect on that before shitting on teams with less quality players. However, I do hope that France starts playing better, congrats on winning the group.
neurop 23 days ago
Paris Saint Germain, France 0 115
He wasn't shitting on Denmark at all. He's just saying that out of the two teams Denmark probably had more to win (avoiding Croatia) so the burden of playing was a little bit more on you guys.

Anyhow, best of luck against the Croats!
amessi10 23 days ago
Barcelona, Argentina 0 26
Both teams played really poor. the worst game in this tournament so far
younghair 23 days ago Edited
Arsenal, France 0 6
Absolutely dismal performances from both sides. By far the worst game of the tournament so far. France really need to step it up.
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Absolutely dismal performances from both sides. By far the worst game of the tournament so far. France really needs to step it up.
GarethBale11RM 23 days ago Edited
Real Madrid 0 272
Barcelona paid too much for dembele hes useless
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Barcelona paid too much for demebele hes useless
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