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Chile vs Bolivia
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cperterry 2 years ago
Chelsea, Indonesia 0 125
WTFFFFF. He put his right hand at the back, how come that was hand-fucvking-ball??? Bolivia was robbed !
SergioAguero10 2 years ago
What a strike by Campos...One of the best free kicks around m8.......But well done Chile
GangsterOzil 2 years ago
Arsenal, United States 0 17
That was not a penalty, however Bolivia had it coming after all that disgusting time wasting!
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Charles 2 years ago
The Refs in this Copa America have all been so terrible.
jagawaga 2 years ago
That ref should never officiate a football match again in his lifetime
Football Student 2 years ago
poor Bolivia, chile is a disgrace since the last copa. they didn't deserve the title back then, now they didn't deserve the win!
Username 2 years ago
Liverpool, United States 0 721
Simone Bolivar is sad about this result
RealestCrew 2 years ago
Manchester United, Ghana 0 26
Hand Ball
quikzyyy 2 years ago
Arsenal 385 6771
I find it kinda "obvious" how Chile manages to get that lucky decisions sometimes..
19mdziNF 2 years ago
Barcelona, Canada 0 15
was clearly a handball gents. If you seen the way that Bolivia team was playing the entire game you would know that they'd do anything to win the game. *Accidently* handing the ball inside the box was one of their tactics. I respect them for fighting so hard, but the athelete could have easily moved away from the ball without his arm ever hitting it.
bill 2 years ago
could have easily moved away from the ball without his arm ever hitting it.

he was mid fcuking air with arms tucked in his back
husidr 2 years ago
USA 0 311
Bravo Bolivia.
NerazzurriForLife 2 years ago
Inter, Moldova 5 1796
This is why i hate Chile in copa america.....even if our player Medel play for them.....Chile=Reffs team.....and reffs won copa america last year for them
zizuthelegend 2 years ago
AC Milan 0 731
Football is officially rigged, 8+ min of extra time, and free penalty kick. But that goal by Bolivia was priceless, to make this Bravo look like BOZO. Bravo "Oh I play for Barca". Bolivia player "oh ya save this, BAAMMM".
gio 2 years ago
It's becoming a comedy, how many times more we have to watch a referee fixing the result ?
Disgusting ...
Pitbull 2 years ago
Pauljadon 2 years ago
Barcelona, Russia 0 5
Robbery!!!!! This is ridiculous!!!!
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RealMadridSupporter 2 years ago
Real Madrid, Mexico 0 21
That's funny, coming from a barka fan
Saptarshi 2 years ago
why u hating on barca fag, this game has nothing to do with barca and real idiot
Stern des Südens 2 years ago
Real Madrid fans are always the f*cking same... Maybe RealMadridSupporter didn't see (or didn't want to see) the stole in the Champions League final.
SergioAguero10 2 years ago
That wos nowhere near a handball....Stupid ref.....Playing 4 Chile.....Bolivia deserved @ least the draw!!!
1212 2 years ago
No they didn't, they where time wasting and parking the bus.
braininahat 2 years ago
First, Brasil was spared a loss by a referee, and now Chile is spared a draw by a referee. There's no way it's about rating and money, right?
mmm mmm 2 years ago
Can we please start having red cards handed out for berating, abusing and pushing the ref? Enough of that shit already.
KickYourBalls 2 years ago
Real Madrid, England 0 197
he deserved it. stupid ref
brayydun 2 years ago
Arsenal, Chile 0 3
Chile can't finish for their lives..
groundge 2 years ago
Real Madrid, Peru 0 11
What a robbery.

Chile did it again...
SergioAguero10 2 years ago
What a strike by Campos...One of the best free kicks around m8.......But well done Chile
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