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Argentina vs Bolivia
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Top Comments
Abdullah The Great 2 years ago
That Messi nutmeg on the keeper had check level x99999999
Gorg 2 years ago
Messi can nutmeg a mermaid. Lol.
Lord 2 years ago
WTF Bolivia in the 2nd half... I know teams like Atletico Madrid play defensively but they do it as a tactic to win the game and always counter every time they can but these blokes.... just wow. They didn't want to win the game or at least attempt to attack.... NO, not even that, they didn't even WANT to CROSS their half of the pitch. They have no shame. No pride. If you don't want to play football then why show up at all.
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maria 2 years ago
i love you messi please divorce your wife and marry mee!!!!!!!!!!!
Username 2 years ago
Liverpool, United States 0 721
Whitefox 2 years ago
I cannot STAND it when players in a wall, or even just defending a shot, turn their head and bodies. Are you not a professional, that you never got over your fear of the ball for the good of the team?

Square up.
Messi 2 years ago
this is a message to Bianconeri [Juventus] and messi haters!!
Dude, if u can name a better player than messi that can nutmeg a goal keeper and also gives it all for his team than you are doing very well. Messi is the richest and most sucessful footballer ever however he still keeps humble! He scores the best free kicks and hardy celebrates......
Ronaldo then scores simple shots and gets set up by stars that dont get the credit.
At the end of the day, dude u r wrong and any messi haters r wrong!!
pawangurung2014 2 years ago
Bayern Munich, Hong Kong 0 517
While watching this match live yesterday possession was 87% Argentina & 13% Bolivia but it in the end its 83%/17% never sen like this possession in football even Bayern & Barsa dont play this possession lol
Messi 2 years ago
You know when a player is the best in the world when they can nutmeg a goalie when he is going to pick it up!!..LOL!!
I know that in a couple of years time Ronaldo( because of age) will be the best but Messie is always can be one of the greatest footballers in the world!
Bianconeri 2 years ago
No that is not the definition of the best player in the world, anyone can nutmeg anyone. The best player is the player that gives it all for the team, and that is why Messi and Ronaldo are not the best in the world because they play too much for themselves. Even though the media talks different.
dado 2 years ago
where's messi?? maybe prepare for TAX EVASION lol
blacaca 2 years ago
soooo funnyyy
Kevin 2 years ago
actually Messi, doesn't even have to score.. he is just awesome
quikzyyy 2 years ago
Arsenal 384 6757
who needs to score a goal when you can nutmeg goalkeeper like that :)
ajax 2 years ago
it was cheeky but also one of the easiest nutmegs ever
N1BarcelonaFan 2 years ago
Barcelona, Argentina 0 183
It wasn't necessarily cheeky because he hadn't realised they had called offside so he was carrying on to score a goal. He nutmegged the goalie just as he does to any other player on the pitch, it's just different cos it is the goalie...
Ragy91 2 years ago
Bayern Munich, Egypt 0 36
argantina will win the title
colombia the second place
USA the 3rd
mexico 4th
TheMarvelous 2 years ago
Barcelona, Indonesia 0 621
Chile bro
messi 2 years ago
where is top scorer higuain???haha
Hurricane 2 years ago
grande coco lamelaaaaaaaaaaa!
mmm mmm 2 years ago
lmaoing at me$$hit fanboys. he literally did nothing. just the same as any big game the Argentinians play. he evades big games better than his taxes
Spain 2 years ago
Its funny when Messi fights, and squares up to other opponents.... this ginger beard kind of makes him intimidating lol.
Dergax 2 years ago
Why messi arent no in fisrt squad?
pegale 2 years ago
Barcelona, Indonesia 0 305
He still have a little bit discomfort, Tata dont want to risk him by playing him full time
Davgadorj 2 years ago
Barcelona, Mongolia 1 10
good job messi
lanzo 2 years ago
theres no point tiring him out in the group stages when they dont need him to badly, but he will be starting from now on i guess
Gorg 2 years ago
Messi can nutmeg a mermaid. Lol.
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stephen 2 years ago
mermaids cant nutmeg silly!!!!!!! and messi doesnt have a fish like tail GORG!!
AFAKA 2 years ago
That just a metaphor, dude!
BOlieve 2 years ago
Get Up Get Out Enjoy Life And BOLIEVE.
taboih 2 years ago
Barcelona, Australia 0 505
Moment of the match was that Messi's nutmeg to the keeper.
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