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Cagliari vs AC Milan
Team Performance
milanlamiavita 9 months ago
AC Milan, Italy 0 1525
Both Cagliari goals were offside. Whilst Joao Pedro was nearly onside, the decision on Pisacane is unforgivable. He is clearly offside. Both the Milan penalties were also terrible decisions. Neither were penalties. Montella has dragged a terrible collection of footballers to 6th place....a real miracle in all honesty. I'm just relieved the season is over.
LoveKavi 9 months ago
Manchester United, England 0 441
As a United fan seeing his own club demise for a short period but luckily have a good recovery stage and a future I'm thinking will be good, I hope Milan return and fix some key issues next issues. They have the money and shouldn't let Juve dominate.
Amoun31 9 months ago
AC Milan, Egypt 0 253
I think Montella should changed next season because he insists on 4-3-3 plan and the team needs new player in summer transfer otherwise the team will sucks as inter Milan
jon1kenobi 9 months ago
AC Milan 0 154
thank you honda, eventhough it was only a short spell and despite all criticism towards you, i believe you had gave all your best to the club.
malle_96 9 months ago
AC Milan, Italy 0 124
Put out Paletta of the Team!!!!!
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kingofkingzixi 9 months ago
Bayern Munich, Sweden 0 6
Donnarumma is shit. is said it before and i'll say it again. only reason people like him is because he's young
Dimitri7 9 months ago
AC Milan, Macedonia 0 606
You're out of your mind!
Dimitri7 9 months ago
AC Milan, Macedonia 0 606
Fucking Paleta! For the 5th time this season? What da fuck is up with this guy? Kick the shit out of him, starting 2morrow! And don't tell me that he played some good games (and even contributed for the game against Sassuolo, which is pronounced for the match of the season), because if you remember well (as I do), all his red cards were given in games were it was crucial to have all men, in order to win, or at least, not to lose!
Fuckin IDIOT!
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