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FC Rostov vs Bayern Munich
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ratnagamer 1 year ago Edited
Bayern Munich, USA 0 49
this years bayern are s***
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this years bayern are shit
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THECR7 1 year ago
Real Madrid, China 0 5
Down down and down when Carlo Ancelotti comes Hahahahahahahaha
moheysaleh 1 year ago
0 60
Boating always falls in an embarrassing way before conceiving a goal!
iveroon 1 year ago
Juventus, Italy 0 147
ArsenalOGs 1 year ago Edited
Arsenal, Spain 0 1
Honestly, i thought i'd give Ulreich a chance seeing he was decent at first, but hes genuinely sh**
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Honestly, i thought i'd give Ulreich a chance seeing he was decent at first, but hes genuinely shit
Honestly, i thought i'd give Ulreich a chance seeing he was decent at first, but hes genuinely shi*
_Pelle_ 1 year ago
Paris Saint Germain 27 3389
Too many important players not in the starting 11 for BM, and out of form. Not taking anything from Rostov who did it great but I think BM underestimated their opponents.
jon1kenobi 1 year ago
AC Milan 0 153
poor ulreich played his champions league debut but conceded 3 goals, can't blame him tho.
mas_bowo25 1 year ago
Liverpool, Indonesia 0 329
Ooops, Boateng slipped again
tapper 1 year ago
Bayern Munich, Switzerland 0 49
Munich becomes a mediocre team this season. I hate some Munich fans who blamed on Guardiola because he is the perfect manager on our team. We're just paying for that.
husidr 1 year ago
USA 0 311
Haha, it looked like if everyone was smoking.
husidr 1 year ago
USA 0 311
I was freezing just from watching how cold it was.
capiloton 1 year ago
Lynx, Timor-Leste 0 72
lol Bayern so historic win for Rostov. congrats.
Ahmoss 1 year ago
AC Milan 0 361
Always Russians teams are tough on their stadiums because cold weather and the nature of Russians people and even Barcelona find some difficulties to win in Russia .... Finally Rostov made the Miracle and beat Bayern Munichen and european teams should look for Rostov players to buy future stars of football
Nasdorowje 1 year ago
Zenit St. Petersburg, Russia 0 217
lol Barca had a problem even to win against Rubin Kazan (1-2) at Camp Nou ))
ybuchi 1 year ago
Bayern Munich, Switzerland 0 12
Rostov deserved the win. Bayern were looking lazy at times. First I blamed it on the cold (it looked so freaking col) but Boateng is playing in a freaking t-shirt so that's his problem. Another poor performance from Bayern. Sure, we have most of the possession and we "played better" by general standards. However, by Bayern standards, this was an awful performance, once again showing that our players can't stay composed in front of goal this season.
Nauris 1 year ago
Arsenal 2 997
wait what? 3:2? Ok lol!
Dimitri7 1 year ago
AC Milan, Macedonia 0 587
Once again, the German army bitten in the south of Russia! History repeating! :))) Fuckin' Hell! Who could've expect something like this?! This is a great achievement for the Russian football. It's been a few years since they had a really god and powerful team in Europe, outside Zenit and SPartak or CSKA from Moscow! Before them, it was Rubin Kazan, and now we have Rostov! Great match fellows! Congratulation!

P.S. What the hell is Boateng protesting about? That was one of the clearest penalties this round in CL!
Torress 1 year ago
Liverpool, Canada 0 39
Dunno what you are talking about, World class teams have always struggled while playing at Russia away. Especially during the Champions leagues where its freezing over there it is a major challenge for any team to play there.
nimboy 1 year ago
Bayern Munich, Germany 0 31
Ancelotti Out
thwartedmold 1 year ago
Barcelona, Spain 0 28
what they did to boetang.....that was Cold!!!
firasb 1 year ago
Chelsea 0 155
lol I guess messi was not that special after all..boatang has fallen the same way he did against messi lol
pegale 1 year ago
Barcelona, Indonesia 0 304
Slipping in Semi Final and Slipping in Group Stages is diffrent, Know your place you "Chelsea fan"
Iceberg233 1 year ago
Chelsea, USA 0 14
pegale, says an uefalona piece of trash...
kingsley_k 1 year ago
Chelsea, England 1 129
great performance from rostov
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