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Liverpool vs Southampton
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kualahing 1 year ago
0 3
no mane liverpool is Poor Liverpool
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monoux 1 year ago
Arsenal, England 0 27
sturidge sandwiches needs to work on his shooting boots
soesoe10 1 year ago
Liverpool, USA 0 1
It's a bad moment for us. Even though our performance was extremely well, we lost the game. Because of not the manager's false, it's because of the quality of the players. All players tried their best and play the best as they can, unfortunately, one or two key players are missing and some went back from injury, so they might not able to perform the way like they have done before. All we need is looking to sign another 1 or 2 players plus get back mane, so we'll be alright. Anybody can tell that we don't have enough good players. What I mean is when a good player got injure, we don't have another person who can perform and having the quality like the one who have to take out from the field. Compare to Manchester United, Chelse. They have enough players who play same position and all well.
Michael_Jordan 1 year ago
FC Zurich 0 234
so the final is Southampton vs: ?
Gennady 1 year ago
Manchester United, Russia 249 2959
Manchester United
Marcus2011 1 year ago
Chelsea FC, England 244 4901
Micky Mouse Cup is not needed to Liverpool .
DHILLON 1 year ago
Liverpool 0 45
Sturridge has put in a poor performance yet again. He needs to get sold while he still worth something. This guy lacks intensity Origi would have been a much better start. He has never been the same after his injury looks like hes scared.
Akula_non 1 year ago
Manchester United 0 35
Liverpooooo 0 - Sotong 1. Haaa...haaaa...haaa
jon1kenobi 1 year ago
AC Milan 0 154
cant believe they actually made coutinho to be the highest paid player in liverpool for this mediocre show, inaccurate passes, lack creativity, lose possession and so on.
DarioUtd 1 year ago
Manchester United 26 472
Just remember... YNWA = You'll Never Win Again! Just some banter... :D
Steve8 1 year ago
Slovan Bratislava, Slovakia 0 31
Jurgen can use only 2 subtitutes, sometimes only one. How it is possible that you dont have any real attacker (header), you can use eg in last minutes... and you are not going to buy any. Looserpool need definitely a plan B!
zenomex 1 year ago
Chelsea, Malaysia 0 56
Well guess Liverpool is too over confident this year :S
Annie2017 1 year ago
Liverpool, Ukraine 0 4
Mane is missed.
Hadi30 1 year ago
Liverpool, Spain 0 12
Ahh...with this form I don't even think Liverpool has the chance to make it in the top 4 even top 5 maybe in the PL...and it seems that every team that gonna play against Liverpool already figure it out how to deal with Liverpool..I hope that at least they can recover their form back after Mane is back.
Madhun215 1 year ago
Manchester United, Indonesia 0 241
Perraco 1 year ago
0 33
Luck Fiverpool !
Jerlwh 1 year ago
Manchester United 0 93
Liverpool kinda deserved to lose for playing Sturridge in this game. He hasn't start for the last 5 (or more I'm not sure) games and definitely isn't as clinical as he is during his top form. Shows how desperate Klopp is in this game. As a MU fan, even if they defeat Hull on both leg, Southampton still stand a fair chance in the run for the cup. They have been extraordinary this season.
TheLamb 1 year ago Edited
Arsenal, England 2 301
Great run by Sims!! Made it look easy but that's a quality play
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Great run by Sims!! Made it look easy but it isn't!
Liverpool 0 226
klopp, richairo zivkovic. trust me he really is a bargain
ForcaCataluna 1 year ago
Barcelona, Argentina 2 374
Liverpool's disasaterous start to 2017 continues.
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