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Juventus vs Lazio
Team Performance
Lotito 5 months ago
Lazio, Indonesia 0 93
THATs my boys
Hottinho 6 months ago
0 126
Ah, it's a Lazio channel. That's why they don't show the foul from Buffon from different angles ;)
footymaestro 6 months ago
Manchester United, England 0 99
Why did juve sell bonucci?
Username 6 months ago
Liverpool, United States 0 721
ay lazio is bacc
Lambo91 6 months ago
Juventus, Italy 0 1933
I just realized how effective Bonnuci and Chiellini chemistry really is....didn't know it was that seriosu but it's showing that without that chemistry we become a loose pussy. I remember when Bonnuci and Chiellini not only defend but control the whole team and actually sometimes attack and cross perfectly to open chances for goals but we lost Bonnuci and now we need to build up new chemistry. It'll take time so I wouldn't be surprised if we become 2nd-3rd in the table by the end of the season. I can see Napoli win the 2017/2018 Serie A title if we don't figure out a new Bonnuci and Chellini chemistry.
Dimitri7 6 months ago
AC Milan, Macedonia 0 606
Wooow! What an insanely beautiful match this was! Far better and more exciting than the Spanish Supercup! As we were watching around 60th minute of Real-Barca (after Juve-Lazio ended,), even a girl who knows football well but doesn't follow it fanatically, and don't have a favorite team, neither in Italy, nor in Spain,, said: "The first match was much better and exciting!".
Now, what more would you need to have an objective person, who's not bias towards none league, to tell you that Serie A matches are more interesting and exciting!?!?

And most important, what a great feeling it is watching Juventus being outplayed in every possible way. it took a little for them to sneak (steal) a win, as they so often times do, but Lazio players made sure it doesn't happen!

I congratulate!
jon1kenobi 6 months ago
AC Milan 0 154
de sciglio, no words
F6330QE 6 months ago
PSMS, Indonesia 1 48
_Pelle_ 6 months ago
Paris Saint Germain 29 3548
Now this was a thriller. For once it's not Juve that is the winning team.
Blueman33 6 months ago
SSC Napoli, Poland 0 280
Juventus team will suffer because old defenders like Barzali , Chelini and somehow ben atia and buffon level become low because his old age .... hope they could not win Calcio next season
MCity_Chile 6 months ago
Manchester City, Chile 0 87
That Lukaku run was brilliant
And so was Dybala's FK
Nice match
jonasdbtr 6 months ago
Juventus, Italy 0 106
Awful first half by Juve, lost concentration in the last minute. I hope Higuain can be more alive in this kind of game, cause he only produced 1 shot (off target) in the entire game
jonasdbtr 6 months ago
Juventus, Italy 0 106
also 0% duels won, 0% dribble success
BianconeroRH 6 months ago
Juventus, Italy 0 95
Juventus missed so many chances but Lazio had that winning mentality. Too bad we lost this years super cup. But also thankfull we didnt win after that dive for penalty. Anyway gg lazio
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pedrito 6 months ago
Chelsea FC, England 0 220
Laioz got super lucky
Carb_Jr 6 months ago
Juventus 1 103
That was crazy, unbelievable! The best team won. Totally deserved. Congrats, Lazio! I hope we stop playing shit players.. it ended the way it should've started tbh
Mrmouha 6 months ago
Real Madrid, Saudi Arabia 0 7
Yes !! the eagles done it ! it was a great game for Lazio, Congrats champs !
himhim0108 6 months ago
Juventus, Hong Kong 0 4
Exciting Game, and well played for Lazio, Juventus needa improve the defense positioning, seems they are lack of communication. Dybala is still a beast.
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