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Bayern Munich vs Hoffenheim
Team Performance
Croatian 26 days ago
Bayern Munich, Croatia 18 961
Fix the defence already! We'll have huge problems if we keep conceding, especially when CL is back and more serious teams start to come in.

Coman did splendid work. Glad to see Fußballgott score.
_Pelle_ 27 days ago
Paris Saint Germain 29 3550
20 games in and B Munich 16 points ahead of the second team
Koppite 27 days ago
Liverpool, Morocco 0 66
None of the leagues are competitive this year bar the Italian one.
A shame... but I suppose the Bundesliga will be this way for years to come whilst the others this year seems to be a blip. Champions league is where the action is at this year :)
Gunner_ 27 days ago
Arsenal, Germany 0 449
GreatExpectations 27 days ago
Bayern Munich, Germany 0 94
Our defence needs a fit Hummels, a fit Neuer, and a fit Martinez to challenge for Champions League. Otherwise, a great comeback from the team.
MiaSanMeister 27 days ago
Bayern Munich, Germany 0 16
Agreed. Sule is alright for the league, but he can't cut it in the CL. Not yet, at least. He was the closest to Uth on the penalty, but just watched Uth take the rebound without moving to close him down or try to clear the ball or anything. Then for the Gnabry goal he was standing around in no mans land, not marking anyone or closing down space. We really need Hummels back. I was impressed with Kimmich though, he recovered well after the early mistake, and actually had a good game after that. Don't know why Robben was on the pitch. He kept waving his arms for the ball, then as soon as he got it, he'd do fuck all with it before giving it away cheaply.
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