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Bologna vs Lazio
Team Performance
Lotito 5 months ago
Lazio, Indonesia 0 94
I worry before this game. Bologna is tough. But wow, the result shock me and make me happy
Blueman33 5 months ago
SSC Napoli, Poland 0 286
wonderful performance by Lazio team this season because they are the best team played counter attack football in calcio with fantastic players .... hope they can win something current season
Dimitri7 5 months ago
AC Milan, Macedonia 0 636
WTf is up with these Lazio fellas? I mean, how come they are so fuckin solid? What are we gonna do about them? Before the start of the season, we were talking about 5 really strong teams, or three more seriouis contenders besides Juve and Napoli, which should've been Inter, Milan and Roma. But it turns out that Lazio's gonna give Milan and Roma the biggest headaches, when it comes to the 4th place! Maybe even 3rd, if they continue playing like this!
Plus, we're hoping that it'd be Milan who'll win the Europa league, with Arsenal as their biggest contenders, but who says Lazio won't win it?! They already proved they can kick the shit out of Milan and Juve, they could easily do the same to Arsenal too, and actually win it and go straight to the UCL next year through it!
Pacitano 5 months ago
AS Roma, Italy 1 70
I think their squad is not really deep. Sooner or later they gonna slow down and be left behind.
Hafizh_manyu 5 months ago
Lazio, Indonesia 0 74
Enjoy your Montella.. xDD
milanlamiavita 5 months ago
AC Milan, Italy 0 1553
@Hafizh_manyu. He isn't a Milan fan. He supports Napoli. Regarding Lazio - they're a breath of fresh air. They full deserve to be where they are. Great coach and great attitude week in week out.
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