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  • Game Played on 13th December, 2012
  • Kick Off at 10:30 (GMT)
  • Half Time finished with scoreline 0:1
  • Game ended after Full Time with scoreline 1:3
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  • Monterrey
  • Goals
  • De Nigris (90')
    • Chelsea
    • Goals
    • Mata (17')
    • Torres (46')
    • Chavez (48')
    • Yellow card
    • Red card
    • Second yellow resulting in red
    • Goal
    • Goal from penalty
    • Missed penalty
    • Own goal
    • Assist
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      Monterrey vs Chelsea
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      Does Benitez have a Torres manual or something? Torres is doing superb at the moment!
      • +39
      Jose Mourinho
      didn't a mexican team beat barcelona during last season's pre season
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      sexy gogome
      chelsea still needs a striker
      Torres score in three game for chelsea .
      [Man Utd]
      Guys, it's not . G A L !
      raimyshoufani [Barcelona, Spain], kill yourself :P
      Howard Webb
      nice pass from torres...
      Pep Guardiola
      When i take over Chelsea, They will win not 6 but 7 TITLES IN A YEAR!!!!! HAHAHAHA
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      when i fuck ur mu she will hav 6 but 7 babies in a day
      [SC Freiburg, Germany]
      FootyRoom Blog
      I dont think its the right time for preaching , my friend muhammad . Btw , go , go Chelsea !
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      [, ]
      every one search "misa campo" on google images
      • +16
      Search islam and join my friend.
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      • -16
      [Inter Milan, Germany]
      haha, Muhammad! You sly fox!
      hmm what a unique and interesting community this website has.. ill be lurking here more often... preechers gona preech..wat can u say, some people just have it in their blood, even atheists.
      Islam is good,kind and is for everyone. :-)
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      • -22
      [Barcelona, Spain]
      u say islam is good !! : first how many people does mohammad kill ?? second : who is the father of mohamad ?? ur answer is abd allah ! but how can this be !? because his father died before he was born 4 years ago !! so he is son of adultery ! third : mohamad was dealing with the devil as written in the Koran in soret el jen !! and the devil was inside him ! forth : Companions of the Prophet fought with each other for power and rule and this is known as sedition major in Islamic history!
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      • -19
      [Barcelona, Spain]
      fifth : Muhammad married Zaynab at the age of nine years and killed former spouses of his wives without mercy !And you say Islam is good! Expressly You are Poor! You must know the truth of Muhammad through the Qur'an itself ! And you have to know that Jesus loves you more than anything, because you are the lost sheep and u must return to him not by killing but by love,mercy,Compassion,tolerance and humility. Lastly : i invited u to pray from ur hart really !! and say : God show me the truth ! <3
      • +4
      raimyshoufani, and may i know where did you get all this information from?
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      • -19
      [Barcelona, Spain]
      gadafi17 hi, i got this information first: from the qoran (the book that muslims believe in). second : the Hadith who speaks about the biography of the Prophet mohamd ! (the second book that they beleive in ) . finally : if u want to know more i can give u links about mohamad !!!
      • +7
      raimyshoufani, u are somehow talks bad about our religion (islam), is that what ur religion teach u?? seriously, is it? i dont agree with how muhammad trying to do here..obviously, this is not the place for us to preach others with our religion. u will definitely somehow lowing down our religion in the eyes of others..apparently, u can see what she(raimyshoufani ) said as the prove...we have other methods to do the preach, at least smarter than this...please..
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      • -14
      [Barcelona, Spain]
      bane lsn man !! i'm not saying bad things about ur religion ! because i'm saying wt ur religion said . btw u can go to ur books and read wt i say !! and dear bane !! just please pray today to ur/our god (the creator of heaven and earth),and" say: god please god lsn to my hart and my voice and please tell me how to reach to u ! and is our religion the right way to reach u ? please god tell me the truth" ! and if u don't do that ! so u prove that u r scare from the truth ! btw god forgive u :)
      • +8
      @raimyshoufani... ...if you are not blaming islam... ..then why cartoons are published against muhammad(P.B.U.H) and against our religion.. not your religion tells to play with the feelings of islam... our our religion it is also strongly prohibited to blame others religion this what hadith tells u.. ..
      • +1
      u say that Jesus loves you more than anything... that the love that published cartoons of muhammad and the movie innocence of muhammad to make fun of muslims... ..u blamed our religion we don't blame yours... ...
      • +6
      to raimyshoufani..its hurt me to read all of your negative comment about our prophet muhammad.what quran did u read?is it real?is it fake?as far as i know,non of your comment are true and have been recite in the quran!!with all due respect,please recheck what u said and prove to me.. add me through facebook if u really confident with your statement and prove me all of your statement are true!!salahudin ariff,malaysia
      • +3
      [Real Madrid, Iraq]
      raimyshoufani Thats what u think and what u believe in.. u dont need to share ur false info here.. just believe in it and hold it to yourself. and I can cleary see the hate on islam in ur comments.. Better check ur bible if u have the real one, it will tell u to respect other religions and what they believe in.
      • +4
      [Real Madrid, Russia]
      Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahu Akbar!
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      • -11
      [Barcelona, Japan]
      I think that spanish girl is right. islam has ruined the world peace and the lives of common people. just look at iran. they had a rich economy right before khomeini's islamic revolution. islam is a piece of shit.
      • +4
      i ask u all something...y US attacked iran? because of the "nuclear" thing. And 1 more thing, y US attacked iran? because they afraid of iran. iran has a lot source of plutonium. US can build very powerful nuclear missile/bomb, y only US can build such deadly weapon while iran cant? pls think, because they afraid
      • +4
      @stanker.Not islam ruiined the world.The america ruined the world especially muslims.Muslims are killed in iran iraq palestine pakistan and other countries.i am pakistani i know how our innocent pakistani muslims killed in drones and america says that terrorists are killed.pakistan still support america in war.the reason is that the american media is strong and they don't tells truth and people says what media channel says.we see our own people dying in front of us.
      • +4
      we feel pain not u because your country in peace.u dunk the muslims blood make fun of our religion and says we are wrong we are terrorists.the american soldiers burn the quran says they are terrorists,but muslim never burn's ur book bible.
      • 0
      Thumbsdownwhore.. ..what u are saying is not in the quran.. ..u say Jesus love u more than any thing by killing Muslims in Palestine.. ..this is racism u hate hate Muslims.. ..
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      [Barcelona, Spain]
      ok ok !! just i wanna tell u that i was muslim and i was believe in mohammad and just mohammad and when i hear something bad about him , i feel sad and angry like u exactly !!and that's normal feeling if u were living in a muslim environment and family !!but i did not know alot about mohammad and quran and,,,,, and especially i didnt speak arabic to read quran ! and one day i heard of mohammad bad things like he kills people in the name of religion ! and he married 11 women for sexual pleasure
      • 0
      [Barcelona, Spain]
      and he did not do any miracle ! and and and ....... after all this wonders i decided first to study arabic language to read quran and know more about it !! after two and half year nearly with hard studding i was good at arabic and started to read quran then i read al hadith and the history of islam ! and after that i was really upset because all the bad things that i heard was true !! and one day i was at my room and i was very sad and i looked to the top >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
      • 0
      [Barcelona, Spain]
      and i said in a crying voice : god !! who create the whole world please tell me if mohammad is the real prophet or not ??? please god i want to reach u and goes to paradise beside u not beside devils !!! please god please god forgive me if i did anything wrong to u !! then i slept in my bed !! at this emotional moment while i was sleeping i dreamed that i was alone in the dark and suddenly a great light was Approaching me . a man with long hair , he told me My daughter, you called me!!
      • 0
      [Barcelona, Spain]
      and i answered !!and i tell u the truth you r the lost sheep who i am looking for and i'm Jesus Christ the lord and the god of the Christians ad the whole world !! suddenly i woke up and was crying a lot that night !!!! after that i started reading the bible and then i know the truth that Jesus he is the god of all of us ! and i'm very happy now with Jesus christ and i have a lot things to tell about Christianity and Jesus !!! finally i want u people to recognize between people and religion !!
      [Chelsea, Malaysia]
      sorry Chelsea, but this is not enough to beat Corinthians in the final.
      • -3
      [Manchester UNITED!!]
      not enough to beat ? this is good enough to lose 4-0 to Corinthians . Trust me, i know :)
      • +10
      njagi njeru
      [Chelsea fc]
      We dont care what you think but its better for you to shut up cos chelsea is there and your team isn't!!!
      • 0
      [Chelsea, Malaysia]
      go home , you are drunk.. chelsea will win this FCWC .. HAHA
      • 0
      [Chelsea, Malaysia]
      • -2
      Ya.. I support u.. Chelsea luck win this match.. but in final, they not enough to beat corinthian..
      • +1
      Pardon???sorry Albert..
      • +1
      It's enough to get us to the final.
      brainless people always blaming others team but hate people to blaming on their team..hater gonna hate
      • +3
      [Real Madrid, Spain]
      Useless Speech, Sad :(
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