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North Korea
  • Game Played on 21st June, 2010
  • Kick Off at 11:30 (GMT)
  • Half Time finished with scoreline 1:0
  • Game ended after Full Time with scoreline 7:0
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  • Portugal
  • Goals
  • Meireles (29')
  • Simao (53')
  • Almeida (56')
  • Tiago (60')
  • Liedson (81')
  • Ronaldo (88')
  • Tiago (89')
  • Cards
  • Mendes (38')
  • Almeida (70')
    • North Korea
    • Cards
    • Pak (32')
    • Hong (48')
    • Yellow card
    • Red card
    • Second yellow resulting in red
    • Goal
    • Goal from penalty
    • Missed penalty
    • Own goal
    • Assist
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      Portugal vs North Korea
      Team Performance
      brilliant from portugal!!!
      i feel bad for those koreans cause they might all not be heard from ever again if u know what i mean because off that lost
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      [Barcelona, Egypt]
      i know what you mean ..this is exactly what i thought about after this match ..i hope they are not hurt ..and they also did nice game against Brazil
      [Sporting, Real Madrid, Manchester United & Braga, Portugal, Spain & Brazil]
      All the Portugal haters or doubters are retarded!! It is beyond me how you can say Portugal is not good??? or Ronaldo is the only good player on the team?? Obviously you aren't fans of Futebol because if you've been paying attention Portugal has finished 4th in the last WC, second in Euro 04, quaterfinals Euro 08, semis Euro 2000. What else can you ask of this team to get recognition. And Ronaldo the only superstar?? There were 6 different goal scorers in the last game. Stop pretending to know Futebol and save the comments for true Futebol fans!
      [Portugal/ Benfica/ Real Madrid ]
      brazil is not gonna be good with no kaka and maybe no elano in the middle i predict a 1 0 win for portugal
      blues fan
      ronaldo score a goal that no one can forget for many2 years to come.. that goal is so special..!!.its will be one of world cup best momment..
      Elton John is homo Is he a good musician or not.
      Samba your way at least you see football the way supposed to be. nice comment from a Brazilian fan. No one can t deny that Ronaldinho was an artist with the ball,as Messi is like a rabit between any defense Ronaldo the rocket. Just a few players among an huge list. So let s see football as a sport not a dead end for our frustrations
      [Vancouver Whitecaps, Sao Paulo, Estudiantes]
      Looks like the North Koreans are going back home in shame!
      hey cmon, dont talk shit about northkoreans, it is not got for fifa's interests.
      Samba your way
      Hey i remembered some Korean saying that Korea DPR is going to win the world cup and that Brazil got lucky against Korea DPR. The result in this match says everything and that Korea DPR can't win anything except for their pubic hair. 7-0 dudes! Do you know that the Korea DPR government hired 300 people to support the National team at the world cup? Their govt didn't want their people to spread news about the situation in North Korea. Fifa blocked reporters from asking the North korean players about the situation at home. North Korea must have threatened Sepp Blatter
      Samba your way
      Why does everybody label Cristiano Ronaldo as a diver? He's not a diver, Robinho is a diver, De Rossi of Italy is the best one ever to step foot on Earth. Try running at full speed like Cristiano and then get your friend to give you a slight nudge, it will make you lose your balance, it's simple science. Only stupid people will say that it's not true. Players are always tugging and roughing Cristiano, i won't blame him if he goes down easily. Drogba too, too many players do the same to him that's why he goes down easily. It's not about how strong enough you are to avoid going down but it's about fairness. It's not fair to have players tugging your shirt even if you're not doing anything. It's annoying.
      it wasnt ronaldos best game, or not even close .. and ppl talking about diving, u need to watch more games to see what the diving is like
      [Argentina/Portuga/real madrid]
      good work ma second team
      [Argentina/Portuga/real madrid]
      brazil dats a warnin suckers ronaldo ganna kill you suckers
      brazil will wip them
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