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You are so annoying xD I hate gloryhunters fans like you who are on a high horse and make Juventus look bad. Atleast our squad knows they have a lot of work to do to win the title again. Go play FIFA pls.
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Insanely lucky win.

45 min. freaking 45 min Real madrid had only one shot on target and its a deflected shot whcih surprised Buffon. Juventus dominated the whole first half Ronaldo was no where in 1st half. Second half i admit Juve was sleepy in midfield but 15 min after the whistle Real madrid had ZERO faking shots on target and then 60 min A lucky shot from mid which had a huge deflection to AGAIN surprise Buffon. This was so frustrating for Juventus. Twice they get the lead with a huge luck of deflected shots. Twice before those shots they had ZERO ZERO shots on target and now they act like they are the best. Just be happy u had luck twice in ur favour.