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Bayern Munich
  • Full NameCapQuadrat
  • Birthday1978-02-25
  • GenderMale
  • LocationWürzburg
  • Club:Bayern Munich
  • National Team:Germany
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I'm a Bayern München fan, we all saw a fantastic match by two great teams and I think we have to be fair instead of blaming the referees for being "biased" or some nonsense:<br> If Lewandowski's offside position had been realised by the referees there wouldn't have been Ramos' own goal (1:2). The match might have been over a little later with Real winning during the regular time.<br> If the foul against Casemiro (which was quite the same as the one against Robben that lead to Bayern's penalty goal) had been punished, Real would have most probably scored a goal too.<br> And talking about Vidal: He could have been shown the yellow-red card much earlier already, but thanks to the referee's graciousness he stayed on the pitch much longer than he actually should have.<br> Madrid deserved that victory, period.
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