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Manchester United
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Messi probably like to score in Bernabeu. By the way guys merry Christmas to all football fans and RM and Ronaldo fans too.
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Why other teams should participate in champions league? Just hand over trophy to this team. Seriously disgraceful and ultimate robbery in football, by giving a soft call in last minute.. somebody should shoot down that referee to set an example for referees cannot repeat mistakes like that. It is happening year after year with Real Madrid only. Since platini became Fifa president they are doing everything carefully that they never get caught. I really hope FBI intereferes again Fifa matters to bring this clown down. No wonder they modified next year rules to favor rich teams allowing them to buy players as an example. Then why don’t you bring VAR? Why don’t you set World cup like fixed draws? Instead of using hot and cold balls to set draws. I am done with shit.