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Bayern Munich
  • Birthday2011-12-01
  • GenderDude
  • LocationCroatia
  • Club:Bayern Munich
  • National Team:Croatia
  • Bio/AboutOzil+Diego=Destruction
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Goodbye Lahm and thanks for everything. Our only true captain. Also goodbye to Xabi Alonso and of course, amazing perfomances through these 3 years. Glad our fans can wave goodbye to two such legends. P.S. gosh I never got so emotional over football ;'(
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'toure is still the best mid fielder in the league', 'Toure has done everything at club level... Coutinho hasn't achieved anything yet' two completely different claims with so much wrong stuff in it. Firstly Toure is way out of him best form, secondly 'he has done everything at club level' doesn't matter much in comparing players (atleast if we're not talking about historical level, for example Maradona vs Pele) - Coutinho is far younger. And finally, Coutinho under Klopp is mostly winger, not midfielder.
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