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Who the **** think that epl is the best league in the world because of the team? Absolutely not and you guys are plain stupid. EPL Provides thightest competition, unpredictable results and fast paced gameplay more than any other league i ever watched. So epl is the best, in term of competition, NOT THE FCKING TEAM DUMBASS.
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Barca here barca there seriously every team has different play style so why bother with others? And for some saying that was a basic pass, DO U EVEN FOOTBALL? U NEED TO KNOW WHAT A KEY PASS MEAN. STOP MESSI HERE MESSI THERE SERIOUSLY, RONALDO IS RONALDO AND MESSI IS MESSI. GET ON WITH IT. BELIEVE ME IF IT WAS MESSI THAT DID THE PASS, PEOPLE WILL BE LIKE "OMG GOD" "GREAT ASSIST" AND BLAH BLAH BLAH. Bloody immature fans.