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  • Full NameDardo Juan Sabarots
  • Birthday1989-04-08
  • GenderDude
  • Club:Barcelona
  • National Team:Argentina
  • Bio/AboutBorn hyper in almost every department to a fortunate family, I attended 10 schools across 4 continents. Ultimately graduating with a double major in Business Mgmnt & Psychology from UMiami. My real team is Racing Club (La Academia). I\'m a FIFA addict, and have been since FIFA09. HMU on Xbox for a match: DardoJS89
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Dont compare forwards with midfielders
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You sir, are not just a d**k rider , but clearly a brainless groupie. You haven't a bloody clue what this sport is about, so do the rest of us (as well as yourself) a favor & just delete your account. That way you can keep your visits to this site comment-lessRonaldo will the Ballon this year because he outperformed the 4-time winner who's been injured by the exhaustion required to win so many damn awards. Ronaldo will get this year, but the moment Messi heals up - Ronaldo will return to his 2nd place in the world (where the pompous diva belongs)
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