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  • Full NameIgli Feizo
  • Birthday1995-10-18
  • GenderMale
  • LocationAthens,Greece
  • Club:Barcelona
  • National Team:
  • Bio/AboutBarça-aholic & football enthusiast.Huge admirer of dominating football no matter who plays it.Don't know who to thank for Messi's existence! Visca El Barça! Used to be an atheist but then i saw Messi.
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How Did you say it Pele?Neymar Is Better Than Messi?...I Can Only laugh with this!
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You are a bast@rd who hates Spain? But why? I know that They have won a world cup and a Euro and your team has never done it but stop hating them.. they are the best.. My team Won A Euro in your country beating you 2 times! Greece!Remember 2004! Goodbye and stop Crying!