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Aren't you supposed to support Marseille or Lyon? LOL
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@Marcus2011 I disagree with my italian mate, every winning goal should be celebrated with passion.
your comment is wrong ON SO MANY LEVEL that I made an account only to explain it to you:
1. Give respect to Italy and to Italian coaches, because EPL teams, and in particular CHELSEA; owe their trophies to Italian manager who where succesful in Italy and with Juve.

2, Talking on that: EPL is so difficult to win with respect to "seria a" that Ranieri (always 2nd in italy) could win it WITH FUCKING LEICESTER when CFC, Arsenal, Utd were spending tons of millions.

3, FFS Ranieri and Conte just needed to teach how to difend and they won PL with Huth, Morgan and VIctor Moses.

4. 99% this summer you've had sold a kidney for Bonucci
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