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Just a quick point here. stop overhyping La Liga after what happened today. We all know what one player can be capable of doing, but this one is special; Falcao dragged my team to Europa league champions in 10/11, now Atletico to 11/12 and won today with a hattrick. Atletico's probably the 3rd best team in La Liga, but without this Colombian (sorry to say) Atletico would probably not have won. He's likely to be this planets best footballer ATM. It will not surprise me if he takes Ballon d'or in front of Messi or Ronaldo.
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I was on the match preview Real vs Barca and Joe had 7 thumbs up, then I refreshed and he had 9, and I thumbed him down (lol) and he had 10 after I refreshed 5 seconds later. Just sayin' ...