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Ourém, Portugal
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  • LocationOurém, Portugal
  • Club:Benfica
  • National Team:Portugal
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Poor performance? More like unlucky even tho Ronaldo should be dropped or w/e, this guy is so selfish, players just play to him, when some foreigners say "Portugal is only Ronaldo", that is absolutely wrong, he can be in a bad moment of form but honestly sometimes he shouldn't take all the decisions, like the free kicks, we have better players to take it yet he just wants to be a selfish baby, if someone doesn't pass him the ball he goes angry, ofc this happened,

Last game will be deciding
Worst Rated Comment
One of the worst performances in years... we really need to change.. all we do is pass pass pass pass, cross, clearance, pass pass pass pass pass cross, clearance... this is fucking monotonous to watch, Jesus.. How about we just give the ball away and play in counter attack? Accuracy matters the most nowadays, not shitty ball possession, hell with that BS.

We also lost 3 key players but our attack remains exact same basically.. all Basel goals were shitty anyway but that's besides the point, we lost and Basel had merit anyway.. Our defense blew the game so bad

Time to rise once again..