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Manchester City
  • Full NameSheikh Million Dollars
  • Birthday1960-11-01
  • GenderMale
  • Club:Manchester City
  • National Team:Qatar
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Chelsea did not park the bus, they know Man Utd will be desperate to look for the equaliser, that is why they defended with all their players and rely on the counter-attack.
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It has been a below-par performance by your idol team all season. The team who attacks and score more is the team that fans want to watch week in and week out. 106 goals and 27goals against is what you call a "Bloody Phenomenal" team. 100 points accumulated with just 14 points dropped all season, " What do you call that?" You don't have to spend much to get a winning team. You just need a coach who doesn't park the bus but a coach who drives the bus and knock you off the perch !!!!