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  • Full NameM Yahtadi Shidiq
  • Birthday0000-00-00
  • GenderUnspecified
  • Club:Barcelona
  • National Team:Indonesia
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Stupids hater be like:<br> - what a referee<br> - barca always play with 13 players<br> - barca + uefa = uefalone<br> <br> While on the other hand.. Any other team think stupid enough to beat barca using fouls<br> Something like:<br> - ofc we cant stop barcy.. Just break messiah's legs<br> - hit neymar.. he would be blame because of diving anyway<br> - push hard suarez.. he will reply with foul<br> Stupid trick
Worst Rated Comment
So, Uuuh.. Atl Madrid had dozens foul, more offside, counter attack gameplay, 28% ball possesion, and hand-ball trick just secure win?<br> I dont see differences between Mou and Simeone, both are legalling any way to win, even punch and pick pocket if neccesarry<br> <br> And people be like:<br> - Win is win bruh<br> - OMG, They did it without a single bucks<br> - Small team deserves it<br> - Blabla<br> <br> Anyway, Gratz Atl Madrid!
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