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ah there you are. I was starting to get worried where arsenal had disappeared the last few weeks.
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@Lambo91even if @achilesss or you or me had done the same thing it would still be given as a penalty. 99.5% of the fouls are drawn by the attacker. Every defender or player tackles only to clear the ball and not to kill the player. Fouls are given based on bad decisions by defenders whereby they fail to clear the ball and are late to arrive resulting in taking the player out.

So Juventus worked hard to come back.What was the hard work? Trying to bribe Navas and his agent? For the game that I watched, madrid gifted 2 goals to Juventus. And about doing shit in 2nd leg, Juventus only played better for 40 min, which was in the first half and madrid played better for the 60.