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  • Full NamePierre f
  • Birthday2000-03-06
  • GenderDude
  • Club:Chelsea
  • National Team:England
  • Bio/AboutSo i'm a chelsea fan. started supportin when i was 8. Favourite chelsea player of all time? still haven't decided between drogba and lampard.
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What???<br> Conte and the Chelsea family do not worry about what Liverpool do because Chelsea will win the league by winning matches themselves, not by praying that other teams will do worse than them.
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Ok, thanks for that!<br> About the Griezmann move thread -<br> I heard from a few sources that both United and Chelsea want Griezmann, and Chelsea would rival any bid that United put in. Griezmann apparently is more likely to leave at the end of the season if Diego Simeone leaves, which he may do. Like you say, Griezmann may favour United as he could rejoin his France teammate Pogba there. He said that United is a 'huge club with a really good infrastructure' when talking to Sky, and in reply to speculation about a United move he said that 'it would be awesome to play alongside Paul one day'. However, he did emphasise that he was 'happy and enjoying (himself) at Atletico', and said 'I don't like these questions about my future'.<br> Thanks for helping out! ;-)
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