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Unlucky Celtic, the UEFA team that receives special treatment from referees and up-stairs every chance they get, collided with Barca, who happened to be badly injured after the Alaves game and didn't need UEFA support to evaporate the poor schmucks from the island!
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French used to boo their own anthem every chance they got because people got fed up with their nation being represented by 11 North African brothers!WC’02 France played Senegal and when they came out of the tunnel for the national anthems there were 22 Africans.Most of them had had seen Paris only on a post card!Last night North Africa was massively represented again.Let's not forget other African/Muslim countries at this tournament-England, Belgium, Germany.It was so refreshing watching Poland and Iceland play like in the old days when Europe was Europe and not an African colony and white people owned their own counties.Thank you, Iceland for having hearts, talent and identity!A country united, playing for their land and their honor is a country that wins us all! Respect!
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