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Borussia Dortmund
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If the same thing was done by pussi, people would have chanting as pussi is a saviour, alien, this, that blah blah, but actually pussy is hitting goals in very good team which passes him good balls and also he is not the only one who drives the whole team to copa finals… But only the Barcelona fans will tell pussi is actually driving the team to finals.... The truth is christiano drives the whole team to the next phase of the tournament single handedly, people didn’t even have heart to appreciate the excellence what he did with a bunch of amateurs players. Then who is great Pussi or Cristiano?
Worst Rated Comment
pussi searching for goal post in penalty shoot out ................ hha ha ah ah lol.......

.With all super duper star players in the team, pussi find it dicult to score

pussi found it hard to handle the pressure, needs diper while penaltys :P :P

..........chile player easily getting the balls from his legs and make him useless.... he he he last all barca fans are butt hurt.... Great game chile with all normal player apart from vidal and sanchez you proved that it is possible to butt hurt star studded Argentina team....