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As great as messi is i'm surprised how he hasnt won anything for argentina....just look at the squad lol and put Ronaldo at that team and see the international trophies domination, unfortunate how he has to be do everything plus be lucky to win for portugal....we would have witnessed legacy of pele, marodona surpassed only if ronaldo would have had played for strong national team. It just baffles me how ppl still criticizes him.
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No doubt when it came off its kinda sick af goal, like the whole team`s build up, interception, defending , counter attack , close passes and finishing.Great team goal and insane finishing but since everyone is talking about it, in my opinion, it is not better than Mkhitaryan. I know ppl will say it was offside goal and all that but come on man, if you look at makhi`s goal, he actually seems like he knew what he was doing, positioning himself so perfectly that it seemed like he wasn't gonna miss it, while giroud goal wasn't less spectacular but it seem like he wasn't sure of all that, cuz he simply went for it hoping for a goal.