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AC Milan
Rhode Island, US
  • Full NameSherif Fahmy
  • Birthday1996-10-03
  • GenderMale
  • LocationRhode Island, US
  • Club:AC Milan
  • National Team:Egypt
  • Bio/AboutEgyptian-American. From Rhode Island
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but did they lose a match? I dont think is mentality bro, if you can play all these minutes without losing their mentality as a team is the toughest in europe...luck is a word that shouldnt be used because we dont even understand what it means, if you win a lottery i guess that is something different.....or if you get injured in the first 3 minutes of the most valuable final for your country after working your fucking ass you entire life for a moment to be spent where you love spending it (playing on the pitch).
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i love you no matter what you more than my girlfriend
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