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There was a time Arsenal fan complaining of always staying at top 4 and never win anything. Now, even getting into top 4 is like a distant dream.
Sacking Wenger this year won't help. It will only lower the morale and they may even drop out of top 6.

Let's be honest here, give Wenger until the end of this year to sort things out, and replace him with a decent manager next year

Other than that, Arsenal can only pray to win the Europa League, it looks almost certain they won't win anything this year either.
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The red card changed the game. It is an undeserved one since it is an accident and Mane got to the ball first.
ManC played brilliantly afterwards and their attack is very menacing. Hope Ederson will be okay, and he seemed so at the end of the game. ManC should be doing well in their CL game next week!
Liv had some great scoring chances early in the game but Can and especially Salah missed all of them, that is very poor from someone like Salah class. Liverpool defense is nothing new, and the same old truth. They must acquire Van Dijk at all cost. Hope Liverpool will recover in the upcoming CL game! And who says they don't need Coutinho, if it is him playing instead of Salah the game would be so much difference.