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Manchester United
  • Full NameTuan Jinn
  • Birthday1900-05-01
  • GenderMale
  • LocationNetherlands
  • Club:Manchester United
  • National Team:Netherlands
  • Bio/AboutBeen supporting MU since a child, when Cantona was still there. Anyway, a message to ya all: relax and chill and enjoy stuffs and football and uhmn.. Messi and Ronaldo... ok whatever guys... a MOD here too :D
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Congratulation Liverpool, now is on top of the table. I have to say this side today is a pleasure to watch, they have everything, great tactic and technique too. :) Liv might be the champion for the first time since 1990, first time for Gerrard, they gotta get it for their legend. Well deserved
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Im sorry but I dont see how did you even say that... especially you excluded your team out of the list... last time I check you didnt do well in CL either... Arsenal and even Barca got raped sometimes too