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Manchester United
Ipswich, uk
  • Full Namewes
  • Birthday1999-02-24
  • GenderDude
  • LocationIpswich, uk
  • Club:Manchester United
  • National Team:England
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@tuan_jinn - Ronaldo’s desire for success is what’s made him an integral inclusion in the footballing hall of fame. He’s already, a living legend, a title only a select few could claim: Messi, Totti…! If it wasn’t for his desire to succeed at the highest level he wouldn’t be anywhere near as quality as he is today. Consider the fact he’s scored more than 60 goals a season for the past 6 seasons consecutively.

Over his six years with United, he matured from an inexperienced younger winger in 2003 into officially the world’s best footballer on the planet in 2009. His first 3 seasons at Man Utd weren’t all that special either – a goal tally of 18. It was only due to his desire to succeed by dedication to rigorous training, plus natural skill and mind-set that he has achieved what he has.

Ronaldo will always be remembered.

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Please can footyroom stop predicting big games as a draw!! Always happens!