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Arsenal: A true football team, has the best excuses after a loss, and the arrogance to shout and celebrate after beating a small team. "Oh the wind was too much for us, we could not keep the ball, it was too cold, our players could not cope. Oh Giroud didn't get the right haircut so he could not score". From US to UK every sports media pundit is biased and supports Arsenal, they were saying "Oh Messi does not score on Cech", its like all looser football players end up on TV". Had to SAY IT "Anyone but Arsenal".
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Arsenal, cant win against 10men in 90min, shows off random running game, then add 4 min nothing, ref gives a freekick after 4min to let you score. Ref "oh so glad you scored, cant add more time now". Arrogance of a rich footballer, from Giroud to Walcott fake calling corner-kicks and hand ball. That defender getting away after two clear fouls. Stands like a statue on vardy foul, then trips Marez to walk like nothing happened. What a scam, sports media were waiting for this, and commentators checking replays under a microscope. Oh his finger slightly touched the ball, zoom 1000x, oh ya that is a clear red, wonder what the ref was doing. And Giroud the hack, what an act, jumps around like a circus clown to get Leicester player a red. Arsenal great, win without playing 11 men, true champions.