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Real Madrid
4 : 0
Tottenham Hotspur
  • Game Played on 5th April, 2011
  • Kick Off at 19:45 (GMT)
  • Game ended with scoreline 4:0
There are 4906 fans of Real Madrid and 403 fans of Tottenham Hotspur on FootyRoom
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  • Real Madrid
    • Tottenham Hotspur
    • Yellow card
    • Red card
    • Second yellow resulting in red
    • Goal
    • Goal from penalty
    • Missed penalty
    • Own goal
    • Assist
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      Real Madrid vs Tottenham Hotspur
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      [Barcelona, Brazil]
      Only Chelsea rules many times did they win the CL again?
      [Chelsea, Netherlands]
      well..not bad for tottenham..they got to the quarter final in their debut champions league appearance..too bad real madrid proved to be too good for them..better luck next season
      Arsene Wrnger
      former gunner ruin one life chance for white heart pain well done Adibayore
      All comments
      Zdraveite,podkrepiam izcialo waastha iniciativa i shte pomagam s kakvoto moga. Namiram situaciata po otnoshenie na registraciata na .bg domaini prosto obsurdna Tova e porednata proiava na tesno mislene i borba za niakakvo nadmoshtie koeto realno ne sashtestvuva..Az sam s vas.Shte dobavia nowina i banner na moia sait i skoro na vsichki ostanali saitove koito poddarjam..Davaite v sashtia duh.Do skoroS uvajenieDesislav Milatinovtreworx Corp.
      [MNU , RealMCF , BARCA , England]
      I like Madrid but Crouch didn't deserve his 2nd Yellow card
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      [Manchester United, Sweden]
      Tottenham is still better then Real Madrid ;) Haha sorry
      • +1
      [Chelsea, Nigeria]
      nah not really, but what if they should come back in the second leg?, i would definitely respect tottenham!!!(i still respect then now thogh) :p
      [Barcelona, Spain]
      Good Game Real Madrid!!! this just proves the la liga isnt a two horse race all because other spanish teams are just because Barcelona and Real Madrid are too powerful and Barcelona gave proof already....Barcelona 3 arsenal 1....Real Madrid 4 tottenham 0
      [Barcelona, Argentina]
      Di Maria goal was Nice! ;)
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      what a luck for madrid! i'm sure barca will defeat you in semi final.
      Tottenham may win the 2nd leg, but dream on if you think they can beat RM overall. RM plays in the weak laLiga right ? , but TottHot got schooled big time. Where was the unstoppable Bale ? Oh he was in school.
      [Manchester United, Brazil]
      People wonder why top strikers in the EPL are prone to injury. EPL Defenders tackle too damn much. Look at players like Walcott, V. Persy, Torres etc... If Ronaldo had stayed at Man U they would've broken his legs by now.
      [Sporting Lisbon, Portugal]
      Good win for Real Madrid, WOW!!! 4-0
      [Manchester United, Brazil]
      A football league is not a league without the rivalry. I love watching the EPL because of that intense rivalry between the teams. Remember when Queens Park Rangers trashed Manchester United that one time? I just can't wait to see them in the Premiership next year. I will fly to England to see them play Manchester United. lol Hell yeah!
      [Chelsea, Ireland]
      real mardid were better in fairnis now come on tottenham were shit
      [Chelsea, Ireland]
      stupid peter chourch
      We must unleash hell at the Lane. I don't believe this is over.
      [Arsenal, Germany]
      adebayor's still a gonner at heart...
      [Tottenham Hotspur , England ]
      To win at the bernabeu is almost impossible. To win with 10 men was even worse. real madrid are through to the semi`s but dont think we cant beat you at White Hart Lane and 11 v 11. We wont get 4 goals and no matter what we are out of the champions league, but we`ll win the game, you smug ronaldo powder poofs will see
      • +1
      [Real Madrid]
      I hope you are not generalizing all Real Madrid fans as "smug ronaldo powder poofs". Some us have been supporting the team long before he arrived. No one is saying that Tottenham Hotspur can't win the second leg. They are an amazing team at home. I don't realistically think that Spurs can comeback and win it, but anything is possible. Good luck in your hunt for a Champions League spot.
      • +1
      Oh my god a Tottenham fan commenting on this video. Im sick of Arsenal and Chelsea fans commenting and being disrespectful towards the fact we lost. All out attack and we can beat them.
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