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Spartak Moscow
2 : 5
FC Porto
  • Game Played on 14th April, 2011
  • Kick Off at 18:00 (GMT)
  • Game ended with scoreline 2:5
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  • Spartak Moscow
    • FC Porto
    • Yellow card
    • Red card
    • Second yellow resulting in red
    • Goal
    • Goal from penalty
    • Missed penalty
    • Own goal
    • Assist
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      Spartak Moscow vs FC Porto
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      moscow first goal was sick
      [Barcelona, Argentina]
      WOOOOOOW 10-3
      [Barcelona, Malta]
      porto's manager is so brilliant.
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      [Chelsea, Iraq]
      come on chelsea hulk
      [Chelsea, England & Nigeria]
      Good win for Porto once again but the frustrating thing for me is that I missed out on the goals of this match AGAIN. What is God trying to do to me? LOL.
      porto was beaten by arsenal 5-0
      HULK, if you don't come to Arsenal in summer, I'll kill you !!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeee Falcao & Hulk better than Messi and Villa :P :DD
      [Barcelona, Spain]
      Porto & Villereal for the FINAL!! :D
      [Liverpool, Spain]
      they make a goal seems like so easy to porto...porto not depends on aggregat to win...either home and away...they sure try to win it...
      [Arsenal, Netherlands]
      great game by Porto,but they meet Villareal in the semis and what a game it would be,but i think Villareal will eliminate them though
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      [FC Porto]
      i dont think so mate! we are better and we have extra motivation because if we advance to the final we'll meet benfica or braga (benfica is favourite) and it would be beautiful to win europa league by beating our biggest rival after a season where we have humiliated them with a 5 - 0 spank in dragao and a 1 - 2 win in Estadio da Luz that was worth this year's portuguese championship (they even turn off the lights after the game ahahahah) GO FC PORTO
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      [Arsenal, Netherlands]
      i guess its easy to beat Benfica but not Villareal,they are going to eliminate you pple
      [Arsenal, France; England]
      porto are so good
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      sucking spartak lolls
      [Arsenal, Poland]
      Porto is is killing the competition, comfortable win again
      [Liverpool, Ukraine]
      10 goals - very-very good! But only for Porto :-)
      [Manchester United.......and Lazio, Serbia]
      porto is great...
      moscow first goal was sick
      [Arsenal, KURDISTAN]
      Porto gonna win the competition!
      Porto is back. Since the late 70`s became the strongest Portuguese Team. Favorites, What a goal machine against Kolhoznieks.
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