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Anyone living in Belgium?
Emrecan_58 21 days ago
Besiktas, Portugal 140 3170

Hi guys, how are you all doing?
I wanted you to know that I have been accepted to a MSc program in Brussels and will move there in July-August.
Turkey is in an economic crisis at the moment and with the regression of the country and the depreciation of its currency (1Euro=6,3Liras atm and expected to be more than 7 or 8 after the elections next week),I will need help during my stay in Belgium. I am not talking about financial help though. Just someone to help me with all the city stuff like accommodation, transportation, jobs etc. I am going to need to find a job there to not starve lol.

So I was wondering if any of you lives in Brussels or anywhere in Belgium?

I will also stay a month in France(near Strasbourg) during August. Can possibly visit Barcelona and Amsterdam also.
So let me know if you're going to be around :)