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Barca want to sell
Emobot7 14 days ago
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So apparently, Barca want to make up for their recent expense by selling this summer. They are even hoping to gather 300M euro out of it. Hope thats not true because if it is, that mean they are planning on selling some high profile player no doubt. :( I heard the name of Rakitic, Malcom, Cillesen and Andre Gomes named as well. Thought?

raimondo90 14 days ago
Valencia, Argentina 89 2453

Coutihno has also been talked about leaving but I don't think Barca is ready to give up on him just yet.

Cillissen and Gomes are 100% leaving. Rakitic has mentioned but that would be a mistake. He's one of the most consistent players Barca has.

I thought I read somewhere that Barca could fit into their wage the signing of both De Ligt and Frenkie without having to offload anyone. Issue is Barca will have a stacked mid and CB. Someone is bound to be unhappy with game time and seek an exit.

Emobot7 14 days ago
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Also heard about Umtiti leaving but that would be... well, personally, I think it would be a poor move really.

amir_keal 14 days ago
Arsenal, Netherlands 65 2717

Apparently Bartameu wants to offload 2 of the following: Rakitic, Arthur, Busquets, Dembele, Suarez and Messi. Considering Frenkie signed, I think the first person to go is Rakitic. Now I don't think he will be foolish enough to get rid of another midfielder, so I think Arthur and Busquets are safe. That leaves Dembele, Suarez and Messi. Dembele is too young to get rid off, so he's out too. That leaves Suarez and Messi. Both are tremendous players and are near to impossible to replace, but I think both of them are in danger. Considering his form at times, and the Jovic rumours, I think Suarez is the one to leave, but Bartameu has also been saying things like 'we must prepare for life without Messi'. This can be interpretated in many ways, but I think next season is Messi's last season in a Barcelona shirt, but I really hope this isn't the case.

I also think Umtiti will leave, because of De Ligt. He was really bad in the last game and it only proves how important/good Pique has been for this side. Barcelona's defense has kept them in many games this season, and this is mainly due to Pique (Lenglet has been good too, but dodgy in certain situations too), however he is younger and less injury prone. Umtiti is better, but from a business view, I see Umtiti leaving. They have to hope Pique doesn't retire though, if he does leave.

tiki_taka 14 days ago
Barcelona, France 352 9362

Messi and Suarez are going nowhere, offload Messi ? :P is there an upgrade to him in this planet ?

The names listed are : Umtiti, Rakitic, Coutinho, Cillissen, Gomez.

Rakitic is on decline phase, even if he is world class right now, it’s the right time to cash in and get 70 mil, for Umtiti, a WC champion and was amazing before injury but last year he forced the direction to renew his contract and higher the wages being linked to PL clubs, then he flopped in CL second leg, that timing was really bad. He refused to make an operation on his foot preferred to recover slowly which caused trouble to Barca who bought Murillo and Todibo. He hasn’t delivered yet this season back from injury while Lenglet did good. I think he is playing his season in the final games.
Heard about Griezmann interest again, or Juve keen on Dybala-coutinho switch, also Man Utd are ready to pay 90 m pound for him.

Players that 100 per cèdent are leaving, Murillo, Boateng, Gomes, Dénis Suarez. For the rest, Barca will listen to offers and if Valverde wins treble, Rakitic is staying because the coach loves him.

Malcolm should get playing time, I like him a lot.

Dynastian98 14 days ago
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There will be riots in Barcelona if Bartomeu even suggests off-loading Messi.

Ledley 14 days ago
Celtic, Australia 22 865

Apparently Bartameu wants to offload 2 of the following: Rakitic, Arthur, Busquets, Dembele, Suarez and Messi.

That is their whole A squad.

That is complete b.s.

JozeV2 14 days ago
Chelsea, Greece 3 142

Arthur is a warrior from the few games I have watched. I wouldn't let him go unless the price is right.

quikzyyy 13 days ago
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offload Messi ? :P is there an upgrade to him in this planet ?

have you ever heard about that guy called quikzyyy? he's pretty good.

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amir_keal 13 days ago
Arsenal, Netherlands 65 2717

tiki_taka + Dynastian98

I know, but the way Bartameu has been talking, it's actually a possiblity. I still think there is a very slim chance of him leaving though. I hope not too. On Rakitic, I still see him leaving, even if Barcelona win treble. They are signing Frenkie, and Puig and Alena might get more time to play (especially Alena), Also, Vidal is not really rumoured to leave from what I've seen. The Rabiot rumours have cooled down though, I don't see Barcelona signing him, I don't think they need another midfielder.

ramaboy10 13 days ago
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This can be interpretated in many ways, but I think next season is Messi's last season in a Barcelona shirt, but I really hope this isn't the case.

are you watching barcelona right now? like Dyna said, there will be literal riots if Messi leaves. People worship him in barcelona

Ledley 13 days ago
Celtic, Australia 22 865

Who in their right mind would sell Messi ? He has stated that he will retire on his own terms, and only play for Newells Old Boys his hometown club in Argentina.

As for Suarez, Rakitic, are over 30. Low sell on value for other clubs to recoup money.

I can only see Coutinho going as they paid 150m, out of 200m of the Neymar money. And Vidal, that's really about it. I would be surprised if they sold Dembele as hes great.

Also they generated half a billion dollars in revenue, for year ending 2018 + have 50m of the Neymar money unspent. Coutinho would be the only rational arguement + Vidal imo.

Emobot7 13 days ago
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@quikzyyy Here your payment: enter image description here

And yeah, Messi is not leaving, pretty sure of that. As for Suarez, it might happen, will depend on wether or not Barca think they need to replace it. Personally, I would try to find someone to slowly take his place in the side.

the_bald_genius 13 days ago
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Lol i think only city has the financial to pay for messi even thats a big IF.
Messi retiring at barcelona is great but if he chooses 1 day to play elsewhere like epl, the fans will understand. Psg has nothing more to offer after all that cash for neymar.

tiki_taka 12 days ago
Barcelona, France 352 9362

Nah Quickzy is a mercenary, don’t forget how he betrayed his club by moving to Tottenham directly. He even slept with all his ex teammates Wags, Valverde said he will hide his wife if he comes...

Marcus2011 11 days ago
Chelsea FC, England 262 5813

enter image description here

Tacuachillo 7 days ago
Barcelona, Mexico 8 235

The following are leaving at the end of the season:


You heard it here first.

Emobot7 7 days ago
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@Tacuachillo Still can't believe they are already getting rid of Umtiti and Malcom, considering they are both very talented and young and work well with Barca playstyle. :( As for the rest of those you named, it make sense.

Tacuachillo 7 days ago
Barcelona, Mexico 8 235


I honestly want to see more of malcolm. I really enjoy the desire he brings on the field. It frustrates me that he doesn't fit valverde personal desire. But I see him leaving due to valverde.

Umtiti can honestly go. I think we should cash in. He's been fighting to remain fit and we've kept up without him just fine. But then again we've kept vermaelen thus far.

Also, I want to be wrong about rakitic, but I can see Barca making room for new salaries.