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Best Players of 2012 (may need editing by mods)
Chanakya999 7 years ago
Manchester United, Germany 56 167

Best XI of 2012:

-Goalkeeper: Petr Cech: Led a superb and determined Chelsea to a Champion League cup.
-Defender: Kompany: Was the leader of men who took Manchester City to become Premier League Champions
-Defender: Chiellini: Was also another leader who took Juventus to become Serie A Champions
-Defender: Pique: Became an important player in Barelona's defense and the Euro 2012
-Defender: Ramos: Stood out alot in Euro 2012 and led Real Madrid's defense
-Midfielder: Pirlo: Important playmaker for Italy in Euro 2012 and for Juventus
-Midfielder: Xavi: Important playmaker for Spain in Euro 2012 and for Barcelona -Midfielder: Iniesta: Won the best player award in Euro 2012 and is one of the nominees for the Ballon'd Or.
-Forward: Ronaldo: One of the best players for Real Madrid and Portugal and is one of the nominees for the Ballon'd Or
-Forward: Messi: Set a record for most amount of goals in a year (91 goals) and is one of the nominees for the Ballon'd Or
-Forward: Falcao: Made a huge impact for Atletico Madrid by winning the Europa League and improved to be one of the best forwards of the year

-This is completely my opinion and feel free to list what you think and suggestions for my players. This is not in any formation order but by position. And please, no cussing. Happy Holidays