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Ledley 5 months ago
Celtic, Australia 7 488

Noticed the amount of new accounts on footyroom. Im all for discussion and disagreement even,
but there are a heck of a lot of accounts attacking one another, racing for that top post and postin p1sh.
Whenever a game is played. Highlights are good on this site but people will move elsewhere if mods can’t keep accounts to a minimum. Multiple accounts ok, but ones that are used to spam the comments DB ... too many.

tuan_jinn 5 months ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 181 6065

Indeed, we often runs multi account scan and eliminate those, once it finished, their votes are reserved too. But those are expensive queries, so we often run on demand.

What good members can help us is to report stupid/troll comments using the flag icon. Then mod can act upon it quickly, and also makes it easier to spot out those accounts.

Flag them plz

Ledley 5 months ago
Celtic, Australia 7 488

Thanks TJ