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Danilo signs for City!
Eden17Hazard17 1 year ago
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Danilo signs for City for £27 million!

‘There has been strong interest from other clubs, but it has always been my ambition to play for Pep Guardiola. As soon as I heard of his interest, I knew immediately I wanted to be a City player."

This comes about a week after they signed Kyle Walker for £50 million. Though, Danilo can play LB and in central midfield.

Is he a good signing, and is he worth the price? I rated him highly when he was a bit younger at Porto but what I've seen at Madrid wasn't too convincing. Does anyone know how good he is at LB or CDM?

Emobot7 1 year ago
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@Eden17 From what I heard, he never was a fan favorite at Madrid, however, Zidane himself liked him and considered him a solid backup. He mostly play as LB if I remember correctly. He is not world class, but he is good enough for the role he was brought for, backup. Won't play a lot of game imo as the reason Kyle Walker left Spurs was lack of gaming time. When he signed with City, Walker propably made it clear he wanted to player most game, Danilo will propably be a subs or a backup player whenever Walker get injured.

Dynastian98 1 year ago
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He's a complete trash defender lol. He's only useful on the offensive end. I can't even begin to count the number of games he's single-handedly lost for us.

Yvan21 1 year ago
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We're happy we were able to get our money back because he's not wort it :) But with the insane amounts that have been spent on players this transfer market I'm not surprised. He's better going forward than defending, and overall very technically limited. The pressure got to him at Madrid, especially with most fans waiting for him to mess up so they could whistle him (which happened more often than not).
Never played as CDM for Madrid, and maybe only once or twice as LB when it was really needed because of injuries.
I think he'll do alright as backup to Walker, which makes no sense to me if he wanted to play more. Maybe City's bench is warmer than Madrid's c:

raimondo90 1 year ago
Valencia, Argentina 89 2412

I do not understand what Pep is thinking. Danilo was below average at Real and he spent 50mil?

@Dy the games that come to mind are the two legs of Copa del Rey vs Celta were he caused an own goal terrible marking and a penalty., reason why Madrid couldn't compete for a treble.

Dynastian98 1 year ago
Real Madrid, Germany 470 6998


There's more blunders he has made in the league games where our offense bailed him out. Lucky bastard. I'm glad he's gone, but I genuinely hope he improves (for his own sake).

Although I'm not surprised Pep bought him. He's always had a fetish for defenders who can't defend.

Marcus2011 1 year ago
Chelsea FC, England 252 5336

Well if DYnastian is right then we dodged the bullet on this one .

tuan_jinn 1 year ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 181 6065

Hahaha I love it.

Pep is high, obviously.

May be he can change him, he would have the last laugh... But for now... Lolllll