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Didn't find anything.

Distance covered by Teams and Players in the EPL so far this season.
Eden17Hazard17 1 year ago
Chelsea FC 152 4060

Distance covered by Premier League teams 2017/18

1st Bournemouth 1256km
2nd West Brom 1247km
3rd Tottenham 1246km
4th Watford 1241km
5th Burnley 1238km
6th Arsenal 1237km
7th Chelsea 1234km
8th Brighton 1225km
9th Man City 1225km
10th Huddersfield 1221km
11th Liverpool 1217km
12th Newcastle 1213km
13th Everton 1209km
14th Crystal Palace 1201km
15th Leicester 1195km
16th Southampton 1194km
17th Stoke 1183km
18th Swansea 1182km
19th West Ham 1162km
20th Man Utd 1162km

Most sprints by Premier League teams 2017/18

1st Man City 6198
2nd Watford 5950
3rd Huddersfield 5860
4th Arsenal 5842
5th Bournemouth 5762
6th Tottenham 5710
7th Liverpool 5674
8th Everton 5606
9th Chelsea 5597
10th West Brom 5520
11th Leicester 5407
12th Burnley 5405
13th Southampton 5356
14th Crystal Palace 5211
15th Man Utd 5210
16th Brighton 5182
17th Stoke 5054
18th Swansea 5050
19th Newcastle 5028
20th West Ham 4942

Most distance covered by Premier League players 2017/18

J Cork Burnley 133km
A Doucoure Watford 130km
P Gross Brighton 129km
N Matic Man Utd 128km
D Stephens Brighton 127km
C Eriksen Tottenham 126km
D Propper Brighton 126km
G Xhaka Arsenal 126km
W Ndidi Leicester 125km
J Rodriguez West Brom 125km

Most sprints by Premier League players 2017/18

J Ayew Swansea 796
D Alli Tottenham 742
J Rodriguez West Brom 715
H Bellerin Arsenal 695
T Cleverley Watford 695
T Ince Huddersfield 683
A Doucoure Watford 682
Richarlison Watford 677
E Pieters Stoke 669
P Gross Brighton 662

Some interesting stats I saw. United covering the least ground is surely a talking point, while Man City are sprinting so much more often that the other teams. Doucore, Gross and Jay Rodriguez are in the top 10 for both distance and sprints so far which is quite impressive. It's really hard to cover a lot of ground as an attacker when you are sprinting and making runs so often which tire you down so I thought that was quite impressive.


Emobot7 1 year ago
370 9122

Indeed interesting. City sprinting a lot fit with their agressive pressing and them making a lot of run, so I guess it make sense. Its also strange to see United behind the other big six team when it come to distance and amount of sprint. Maybe someone should show these number to Mourinho. :(

Golazo111 1 year ago
Chelsea, Mexico 70 2605

Leave it to Mourinho's rigid defending and the players will feel like it's a light training session :D

Golefty 1 year ago
Toronto FC 23 928

Stats would say that Nemanja Matic is running/working alot harder than his teamates

quikzyyy 1 year ago
Arsenal 399 7193

I wonder if Kante would be top at most distance covered without the injury. However I'm pretty surprised Xhaka is there.

Not surprised by United with their manager :)

Emobot7 1 year ago
370 9122

@quikzyyy He would be first and second, because he is running so fast, the analysis would count him as two person. ;P